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A slideshow of tween services in Nassau Public Libraries from April 2010.

Text of Tween workshop 41510

  • 1. THE NEW POWERGENERATIONTweens in the Spotlight!Too Young for the Teen RoomToo Old for the Childrens Room
  • 2. Its cooler than ever to be atween,but is childhood lost?
  • 3. Definition of a Tween 8-12 year-olds / 20 million strong Time of transition; physical, emotional, & psychological Each week they spend 12 hours watching TV & 7 hours online 70% say their parents are their best friends 63% DO NOT have cell phones Reading for pleasure continues to drop each year
  • 4. What Tweens Find Important Parents Family Game Nights/ Mom& Daughter programs Music Add music to your website/programs/stream it Movies Book to Movie tie-ins/ show them/ discuss Being Smart Trivia, Contests, Tutors
  • 5. Tween Imprints
  • 6. Abrams/Amulet
  • 7. Its Not a Diary, Its a Movie!Great Bookand MovieTie-inOpportunity!
  • 8. Tween Girl Magazines
  • 9. Tween Boy Magazines
  • 10. Graphic Novels
  • 11. Think outside the box Text Messages as an alternative to Book Reports Mo B Dik Call me -Ishml. Hngr Gms 24 compete. Last 1 alive wins. (fran jackson) Diree Wmpee Kd MS wrst idea evr. Get me out of here.
  • 12. TWEEN PROGRAMMING & TWEEN AREASA Review of our Member Libraries
  • 13. Manhasset Public Library Percy Jackson and the Olympians Book Club 8 12 year-olds 24 enrolled 18 showed up 10 boys! Each week, a book, mythology, demi-god skills, and a craft based on book. Example: Week 2- Sea of Monsters.
  • 14. Manhasset Tween Girls
  • 15. Merrick Library Tween Area
  • 16. Meet me at the corner of 5th and 6th
  • 17. Mineola Public Library
  • 18. Port Washington Tween Area
  • 19. Port Washington Tweens
  • 20. Port Washington Tweens
  • 21. Roslyn
  • 22. In 1905, 11 year-old Frank Epperson of California mixedsome soda powder and water on his back porch. He leftthe stirring stick in and the temperature droppedovernight the next morning he had a Popsicle!In 1923, Frank began to sell his creation in seven fruitflavors. What was the original name for thissummertime treat? A. Ice-ees C. Epsicles B. Pop-tastic D. Popsidoodles Treats C. Epsicles
  • 23. Valley Stream Tweens- Be Confident! Be Motivated! Be You! Featuring co-authors of 113 Things to Do By 13
  • 24. Further Reading Acuff, D.S. What Kids Buy and Why: The Psychology of Marketing to Kids. Simon & Schuster, 1997. Elkind, David. All Grown Up and No Place to Go: Teenagers in Crisis. Perseus Books, 1998. Siegel, D.L. The Great Tween Buying Machine: Marketing to Todays Tweens. Paramount Market Publishing, Inc. 2001.