Turning On The Lights

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<ul><li> 1. Ways to Turn on the Lights in Room 304<br />Story writing on Activboard. Were working on the writing process as we work. We do a little bit every day. Editing will come soon .<br />Quizzes or practice:<br />http://www.thatquiz.org/<br />iTouch apps for time fillers during transitions or as a reward <br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Turning on the light in the library<br />What would your neighborhood look like if you were a bird? For 1st &amp; 2nd graders going from Google Earth flyover of school neighborhood, learning map skills and drawing a top down map of neighborhood.<br />6th Graders help me create a computer link on my website for recess games- working in groups determine criteria for sites &amp; games how to divide up task into 6 parts, investigate Teachers toolbox etc, create listings and weblink.<br />Fifth grade poetry podcasts &amp; vodcasts of readings<br /> 3. BLOGS<br />INTO <br />THE <br />LIGHT<br />MAKING VIDEOS<br /> 4. Turning on the Lights <br />Third Grademake annual individual Power Points more student research<br />Fourth Gradefor group work on Washington State geography, introduce them to mywebspiration<br />While Im at crossing duty, ask student standing next to me how he/she likes to be taught and what they do tech-wise after school<br />Nancy Celms<br /> 5. Voki.com make a video avatar<br />Podcast kidcentered using garage band<br />Photo booth short video clips that you <br />add to i-photo and then import<br />Submitted by Jenny Ross 11.3.09<br /> 6. Turning on the Lights Ideas<br />Government: Have the kids design a law and create a presentation on all the steps they would take to get their law passed. They would need to do all the research then develop a presentation using the technologies that they choose.<br />Science: The kids need to create a video teaching other kids about electricity. Each group needs to do all the research, write a script and tape their show. They will be given objectives on what they need to teach in their video. (Example: How does a circuit work?)<br />Research a guided question in groups, collect the data, organize it and present findings using technology. A question could be: If you could design your own house any shape you want, what shape would you make your house? (This could go with a unit you are working on that involves perimeter and area of different shapes). <br /> 7. CHOICE!<br />Allow students a choice in reading response format blog or journal.<br />More &amp; New Choices for the Elementary Classroom<br />Enlist a skillful librarian <br /> The Big Six<br />Action Research<br /> 8. We Can Turn the Lights on at Hollywood Hill Elementary<br />Pamphlets using <br />Print Shop 2<br /></p> <ul><li>Select a Washington County (from a preselected list of 10) </li></ul> <p> 9. Research 5 topics on the internet: land, animals, recreation, landmarks and population. 10. Find photos on internet to match topics 11. Cite sources 12. Use Print Shop 2 to create pamphlet 13. Print on color printerPhoto Books using iPhoto<br /></p> <ul><li>Assign each K or 1st grade student a letter of the alphabet </li></ul> <p> 14. Check out a classroom set of digital cameras from District 15. Go around campus with adult helper taking photos 16. With Big Buddies use iPhoto to make photo book 17. Order a class bookPowerPoint<br /> Presentation<br /></p> <ul><li>Divide class in groups</li></ul> <p> 18. Pick a country: Australia 19. Select native animals 20. Do research on: appearance, habitat, diet, reproduction and other interesting facts 21. Find pictures 22. Cite sources 23. Share presentation with classdaviddarling.info<br />By Karen Kohler and Lea Roberts<br />clipartof.com<br /> 24. 25. Power up in Room 223<br />Use eXchange wiki for science Fast Plants research<br />ASB student sponsored assembly<br />Math blog<br /></p>


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