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  • 1. This is where I usually go when I have someimportant events with my friends. Its calledTan Lac Vien with the famous Domesticchicken and chillies

2. Next is the Tokyo BBQ restaurant, located on 299Yersin, near Nguyen Du Primary school. Its openedrecently and becoming more and more famous with awide range of selection from bbq to sushi or sausage.The drinks are very good, too. 3. The Babylon coffee shop is on the third floorof Became Tower. The drinks here taste verydelicious. There are also some musicperformance like piano or guitar. 4. Next one is a very well known bubble tea shop calledHot Hot bubble tea. The address is 37 Vo Thanh Long,Phu Cuong, Binh Duong 5. Tired after hours of working? Why dont youtry the Coffee House to relax? You candigest you favorite books while drinking ahot, sweet-smelling coffee. 6. Another good restaurant is the one called YAsushi restaurant. It has many different kindsof sushi and they are also very good. 7. The combination of beer and milk, its theNamy Besu. It lies on 35B, Cch Mng ThngTm Street.