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Trip to london

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  1. 1. Trip to London
  2. 2. First of all we took the train to London. Choo Choo!
  3. 3. The first place we visited was Tower Bridge It was such a lovely day because the sun was shining!
  4. 4. Next we had a go on the London Eye! We could see so much of London from right at the top!
  5. 5. The Sea Life Aquarium was one of my favourite places! There were so many colourful fish! 1 2 3 4 5 How many fish can you see?
  6. 6. You do not want to be sent here... Traitors Gate When we went to Traitors Gate it felt ever so eerie!
  7. 7. Big Ben Big Ben is not actually the whole tower but just the bell inside. Its official name is the Elizabeth Tower, named after the Queen, celebrating her Diamond Jubilee It is the third tallest free standing clock and has the largest four faced chiming clock in the world The tower was completed in 1858
  8. 8. Choo Choo! My visit to London was fantastic! All of the places I visited were so good. I hope you enjoyed coming with me on my trip! Time to go home now...
  9. 9. THE END