Totara Learning Solutions Update | Andy Kirk, Totara Learning Solutions

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Totara LMS Seminar - Totara Update from Andy Kirk, Totara Learning Solutions


  • 1. Totara Learning Solutions updateAndy Kirk, Totara Learning SolutionsLearning Pool Totara Seminar Nov 19 2014

2. 2.6 recap2.7 Reporting improvements- Customisable menu- Appraisal improvementsLonger term? 3. 2.6 released in May 2014 with a range ofenhancements including:Editable interface (now improved with fully customizablemenu)Upload icon sets to courses & programsEnhanced catalogue with faceted searchUpdate: We will now support IE8 in V2.6 and 2.7 4. Editable interface (a precursor to a fully customisableinterface in 2.7) 5. Exhausted your use of existing icons? -Upload iconsets to courses & programs 6. Enhanced catalogue with faceted search- More enterprise-friendly, configurable search acrosscategories, custom fields for more targeted searching 7. Whats coming 2.7Appraisal improvementsReporting improvements- Graphical & Badge reportsFully customisable menuKey theme polish and deeper improvementsto existing feature setDetails of new features at 8. - Appraisal improvementsA patch for v2.6 will also be provided-A range of improvements including warning trigger ifappraisal is missing key information or membership-New appraisal auto created when users added togroupsaggregate reporting of closed appraisals, a report todisplay closed appraisals (and/or exclude them from theother report)-If a users manager changes after activation, it will bereassigned 9. Dynamic is the key word it also addresses theIssue of when users join (or leave) a group*They will be assigned to any related appraisal if theyjoin, or it will be Closed if they leave* A group can be mean a users organisation, theirposition or belinging to an audience 10. 2.7 Reporting improvements 11. Open Badges reportingA new report builder source, New Badges Issued - peruser per badge.Filter by badge status 12. Customisable menuAllows admin to customise the contents of Totara menuvia interfaceReorder itemsShow/hide items from main screenCreate custom menu itemsOpen links in a new window 13. The bigger picture and BeyondFuture enhancementsHigh Priority feature enhancementsExtended product line Totara Social