Top 5 Android Apps For Cat Preparation

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  • Top 5 Android apps

    for CAT preparation

  • GradeupGradeup application is at present thehighest rated CAT preparationapplication. According to userreviews it is the best application forCAT preparation. It gives tips tosolve verbal ability, parajumbles,quantitative aptitude, readingcomprehension (RC), datainterpretation (DI).

  • CAT MBA Exam Prep Tests PapersThe key features of these

    applications are they provide

    Mock Test, covering all sections,

    Separate Section wise and Topic

    wise tests, Reports to reflect

    accuracy and speed, Discussion

    Forums to interact with other

    Aspirants, Review all attempted


  • Test FundaThis TEST funda app is currently thehighest rated CAT prep app in both paidand free apps. Users have rated this as aMust have for CAT. The MBA app has thefollowing features: Daily Test Prep - 20CAT mock tests, 12 NMAT mock tests, 20CMAT mock tests, six mock tests for XAT,IIFT, and SNAP and six other free mocktests.Test Centre - Word List, Question ofthe Day, Tip of the Day, Puzzle of theWeek, News, Announcements.

  • TCYTCY Exam Prep app has 10 free tests along

    with performance analytics. This app

    provides tests for various MBA exams such

    as CAT, SNAP, CMAT, XAT and IIFT. The

    app also has a Challenge Zone, wherein you

    can invite and compete with friends and

    other online users. It also has an Exam

    Alerts section.Key feature of this applicationare multiple test modes, Graphical analysis of

    test attempts, Latest exam alerts, Search or

    create tests easily on the topics of your


  • CAT 2017 Entrance Exam PrepCAT 2017 Exam Preparation is owned byYouth4work (a leading portal for competitiveexams preparation). This application gives youquestion bank of more than 5000 researchedquestions, you can solve it to score well in theCAT examination. The key features of theseapplications are they provide Mock Test,covering all sections, Separate Section wiseand Topic wise tests, Reports to reflectaccuracy and speed, Discussion Forums tointeract with other Aspirants, Review allattempted questions.