Toil In The Soil

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The method of bringing Second Green Revolution to fight Hunger



2. To feed the hungry world 3. To find a solution for Malnutrition 4. To contain climate change andglobal warming 5. To bring down spiraling food prices 6. We have to practice Sustainable Agriculture 7. Farming is practiced using organic methods 8. By Recycling crop waste 9. Growing plants to increase the fertility of the soil 10. Treating the legumes with Bacteria Rhizobium 11. Converting Kitchen Waste 12. Into vermicompost, as Earthworm are the natures farmers 13. To grow plants without pesticides 14. Lesser growth of weeds 15. Number of Birds visiting the farm increase 16. Ideal for feeding and nesting 17. Diversified farming is better habitats for Birds 18. Brightly colored, scented, sweet nectar flowers 19. Invite Butterflies in large number. 20. Bees and Beetles have higher population and diversity. 21. More number of squirrels 22. More number of Bats due to sufficient food 23. and many species of Earthworm 24. Soil rich in Bacteria due to green manures 25. Promote healthier soil system 26. Helping the farmers to harvest in abundance 27. Prevent endangerment to animals 28. And to plants 29. Strengthen our fragile food web 30. Sustain the different types of Ecosystem in our Planet