Tips for Taking Photos for Social Media

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14 Tips for Taking Smartphone Photos for Social Media

Rule of ThirdsRather than place the subject in the center of the photo, imagine a grid that splits the frame into thirds both vertically and horizontally. Then, place the subject along those gridlines. The intersections of the lines are especially compelling places to position your subject.

2. Lines, Patterns, & ShapesLines that guide a viewers eyes around, or through, the photograph are called leading lines. Use them to your advantage.Colors and shapes can also make interesting photographs, especially when you capture patterns or repetition.

3. Point of ViewPictures do not always need to be taken at eye level. Moving the camera above, or below, the subject can create a more interesting, dynamic photograph.This is a good way to transform an ordinary subject into an extraordinary picture.

4. SimplifyTry to eliminate unnecessary items from your composition they will only distract the viewer.Sometimes, the most simple of objects make a beautiful photograph.

5. Depth of FieldShallow depth of field can be used to draw the viewers eye to the main subject. It also can compensate for a distracting background. You can use photo editing tools on your smartphone to simulate shallow depth of field.

6. Fill the FrameIt is not always necessary for the entire subject to be included in the composition. Sometimes it is more effective, and interesting, to crop the edges of your main subject.

7. ColorMake color the centerpiece of your photos.

8. Complementary ColorsPairing colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel makes both appear brighter and more powerful.

9. B&WWhen color is distracting, try black and white.

10. Natural LightingUse the sunlight to your advantage. Putting the sun behind your subject helps to separate them from the background.

11. The Golden HourTake advantage of the beautiful light that occurs 30 minutes after sunrise and 30 minutes before sunset, affectionately known by photographers and filmmakers as, The Golden Hour.

12. Cloudy DaysThough they may not make you cheery and bright, cloudy days provide a great source of natural, diffused lighting. These means no harsh shadows, which is particularly good for taking pictures of people.

13. Capture MomentsCandids are great - you dont always need a posed photograph. These are especially great for showing action or a slice of life.

14. Break the RulesIgnore the rule of thirds and put your subject in the middle. Try something new. Dont be afraid to experiment.