Tips for Parents to Encourage Children for Reading

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<p>Must Read Book List</p> <p>Tips For Parents to Encourage Children for Reading Must Read Book List</p> <p> Tip No. 1If the children will see their friends, cousins enjoy reading with enthusiasm, they will follow the same.</p> <p>Encourage them by giving the examples of their friends who are performing well.</p> <p>Support your kids for reading books that are read by their classmates, friends and children of their age.Encourage Your Children by Giving Example of Others.</p> <p> Tip No. 2Find books based on the kids interest instead of their grade and age.</p> <p>Spend time in finding best authors and booklists that excite your kids to read the book.</p> <p>Encourage your kids to change their attitude about books.</p> <p>If your child like the first part of some book, then gift other parts to them if published or find books with same interest.Find Great Books based on your Children Interest.</p> <p> Tip No. 3Involve Yourself while helping your kids to improve their reading skills.</p> <p>Spend around 30 minutes to 1 hours with your kids and take turns writing each other letters.</p> <p>Make this activity fun by mailing these letters to them.</p> <p>Encourage Your Children to Write Letters and Postcards.</p> <p> Tip No. 4 Match the video game or outdoor play games with the reading book time.</p> <p>Give them equal time for reading books and other extra curricular activities.</p> <p>Involve yourself in to the childs life helps them improving their grades and skills. Match Your Kids Reading Time with Fun Activities.</p> <p> Contact UsWebsite - http://mustreadbooklist.comSee Must Read Book Trailers</p> <p>Follow us on </p> <p>Like us at</p> <p>Thank You</p>