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1. OUR APP TIGER TYPER By: Besarta, Amaarah & Juliet 2. What is our app? Our app helps children from the age of 3yrs - 8yrs learn how to type. It goes through different levels of difficulty and during the process you win trophies and look after your own tiger. This app allows your child to learn how to type and also can advance their reading and writing skills.This will be a useful app because it helps parents teach their children many different skills which will be very useful for them later on. 3. How Our App Is Different There are many different typing games such as dancing mat typing game, however is this an app on the app store as well? Our app has many different features put together that no other app has. There is not an app out there like this which includes looking after a pet and learning how to type. There is also not a typing game which allows you to download it on you PC, laptop, iphone and ipad. It is available on the app store so you download it on any apple device. Although this app isnt a completely new idea, we have taken a few ideas and put them together to form our new app Typer Tiger 4. Main Target Users Our main target users are parents as they would be the people downloading the app for their children. However it could be someone with a smaller sibling, friend or anyone that wants to learn how to type. This app would also be a fun game as you would have to feed, shower, comb and give to drink. 5. Feasibility We believe that our app should be free because all children should have the right to learning new things. Therefore everyone can use it and have fun playing educational games. There are 3 fun levels and to unlock more further levels its 69p. 6. Market Research Whilst doing our market research we discovered there wasn't an app exactly like tiger typer however there were similar computer programmes. However we feel our idea is more appealing as you can have it on your phone and with the additional features like looking after your tiger it will be much more appealing to a younger generation and mix fun and learning together to have the perfect balance. When we asked people whether they'd use our app 9/10 people said yes showing our app idea is appealing. 7. User Profiles Name:Lili Age:13 Lives in: London Occupation: Dentist Who lives in your household: Mum and Cats Name:Juliet Age:14 Lives in: London Occupation: Student Who lives in your household: Mum and Sister Name:Petra Age:13 Lives in: Haringey London Occupation: Student Who lives in your household: Mum and cats 8. Our Survey NAME WOULD YOU DOWNLOAD OUR APP FOR FREE? DO YOU THINK IT WOULD BE USEFUL FOR CHILDREN? WOULD YOU DOWNLOAD IT FOR YOURSELF OR A YOUNGER RELATIVE? WOULD YOU PAY 69p TO UNLOCK FURTHER LEVELS? lili yes yes yes yes juliet yes yes yes no petra yes yes yes yes