Three Things I've Learned about Design for Participation

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A short talk about scaffolding, design for thoughtful response, and responsiveness in museums--both online and in galleries. Presented by Nina Simon of Museum 2.0 on 25 November 2010 at the NODEM 2010 conference at the National Museum of Denmark.



2. place 3. presence balboa park online collaborative boston childrens museum calgary science center chabot space science center chicago history museum denver art museum experience music project girls math and science partnership international spy museum monterey bay aquarium museu picasso oakland museum SFMOMA smithsonian museum of natural history statens museum for kunst tech museum of innovation 4. Authority is content provider focus 5. Authority is content provider Authority is platform provider focus 6. THREE SURPRISING THINGS IVE LEARNED ABOUT DESIGN FOR PARTICIPATION 7. LESSON 1: MORE SCAFFOLDING! MORE CONSTRAINTS! 8. Denver Art Museum 9. Denver Art Museum 90,000 visitors, 37,000 posters made average time spent making a poster: 25 minutes 10. Project 9/11 MEMORIAL MUSEUM 9 11. Project 9/11 MEMORIAL MUSEUM 10 12. Project 9/11 MEMORIAL MUSEUM 11 13. Project 9/11 MEMORIAL MUSEUM 12 14. Project 9/11 MEMORIAL MUSEUM 13 15. GoMA 16. GoMA Find someone about your height to help you with this exhibit 17. GoMA Find someone about your height to help you with this exhibitAsk a stranger of your gender to do this activity with you 18. LESSON 2: PEOPLE CONTRIBUTE DIFFERENT THINGS WHEN GIVEN DIFFERENT PROMPTS & INPUT MECHANISMS. 19. cph!! here i am 20. Lowell National Historical Park 21. The percentage of unrelated responses decreased from 58% (white cards) to 40% (blue cards), and specific responses nearly doubled, from 28% (white) to 50% (blue). 22. Lowell National Historical Park 23. LESSON 3: RESPONSIVENESS IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANYTHING ELSE. 24. 25. At first, I wasn't sure whether or not my responses were useful to anybody. It took a long time for any feedback to filter through. When it did come I really appreciated Nina's thanks and encouragement. That's what kept me coming back to the site. 26. HOW CAN USERS MAKE THIS PROJECT BETTER? 27. 28. 29. Worcester City Gallery and Museum 30. Worcester City Gallery and Museum 31. Worcester City Gallery and Museum 32. Minnesota History CenterAuckland Museum participation can be for everyone 33. HOW CAN USERS MAKE YOUR INSTITUTION BETTER? @ninaksimon #nodem10