Three levels of reading

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Support presentation for reading on three levels. Students first read the photographs, we distinguish between literal observations and subjective inferences, then we discuss the levels.

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  • 1.Three Levels of Reading

2. Three Levels of Reading Literal Level Authors words in the book Inferential Level The readers interpretations Applied Level Using whats learned in life 3. Three Levels of Reading Applied Level Using whats learned Inferential Level The Readers interpretations Literal Level Authors words in the book 4. Reading Problems & Solutions LITERAL LEVEL People who do not read well at the literal level miss much of the information necessary to interpret the story. Weak literal reading is often caused by boredom and distractions, or reading too fast; it may also be caused by have rudimentary reading skills. Literal Solutions: 1. Find the right reading material 2. Create a reading environment 3. Re-read passages you didnt grasp 4. Keep reading to improve skills 5. Reading Problems & Solutions INFERENTIAL LEVEL Good literal readers can have problems understanding the material for several reasons. The material may be complicated or poorly written at the literal level The material may be of an esoteric nature and discuss situations and events completely foreign to readers The reader was rushing to meet a deadline The material may contain unfamiliar vocabulary The reader doesnt read between the lines Inferential Solutions: 1. Read complicated books with others; dont read poorly written books 2. Read a lot to become familiar with more situations and events 3. Expand your vocabulary at every opportunity 4. Take the time to think 6. Reading Problems & Solutions APPLIED LEVEL People have problems applying their reading for several reasons: Literal and inferential problems Read for the wrong reasons school assignment, bragging rights, fitting in They were predisposed to disagree with the premise Problems with transference applying learning to new situations Applied Solutions: 1. Read the best 2. Read for fun 3. Share what you read 4. Actively look for the parallels between your reading and your life and apply accordingly