Things to Remember While Investing in Share Market

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Things to remember while investing in the share market7

Hi, Im Rahul! Im new to the share market & I want to start investing.

Share Market can prove to be dynamic in nature and hence many of people are afraid of stock market investment. Hence to make life easier and help you take better investment decisions, Kotak Securities brings you Golden Rule Of Investing.Kotak Securities is one of the largest share broking firm in india visit for more information 2

Hey Rahul! Im going to tell you 7 things that you must remember

Learn AboutThe Economy#1Yeah, the economy is notas complicated as most newspapers portray it to be!


Know Your Companies#2Oh! I can do a trend analysis of companies by using their annual reports.

Narrow Down On Selection#3Analysis of the companys performance will give me a preview of my stocks future.

Stay Tuned To The News#4This should keep me updated about the current market scenario!

Diversify Your Portfolio#5Ill always follow this rule- Dont put all your eggs in one basket!

Dont Trust Blindly#6I must learn technical analysis. It can help me make my own decisions.

Greed Is Not Good#7Yeah, youre right. Ill make sure to take calculated risks & not let greed takeover!

Thanks a lot for these pointers!Youre welcome, Rahul.Dont forget to share them with your friends!

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