Things I've Learned About Apple

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What Have I Learned So Far?...By Jazmine HawesYosemite & El CapitanApples Operating SystemApple co.s operating system, OS X El Capitan was named for the landmark in Yosemite National Park, which was built upon groundbreaking features and beautiful design introduced in OS X.This will help me to better understand how Apple operates. It will also help me in the future to know the background of this system and could possibly impress future employers.ScreensaversIn the past many computer programs and PCs needed to have a screensaver. These screensavers were scenic backgrounds use to preserve the screen while it was not in use. But they started to burn through the screen thus having companies make moving screensavers. Desktops today do not have this problem & many screensavers are now used just as beautiful eye candy.This is also good to know because it is a unique fact about how much our computers have evolved over time.The Adobe Suite:Premiere CCThe Adobe Suite:The Adobe Suite contains many different software for students to use. It ranges from pre-production to post production software. The most used would be Adobe Premiere Pro CC where students are able to edit their videos.Learning about the Adobe Suite can definitely help me in class when editing projects and in the future when employers want me to edit certain projects.What kind of projects can we do that will help us learn about the more uncommonly used softwares on the Adobe Suite?