The Use of ePortfolios to Support Graduate Student Professional Development

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1. Using ePortfolios to Plan and Pursue Career Objectives To Support Graduate Students and PostDoctorate Fellows 2. What is the number one profession for someone with a PhD in Sociology? 3. 4. My expectations have changed since I started my PhD. I am open to a lot more career-wise, partially out of optimism and partially out of desperation. I have too much education. - SFU Graduate Student 5. Academic Track is Broken.. 6. 7. Identifying strenghts Role of risk taking Relationship building 8. 9. Flexibility Students as experts 10. 11. INTEGRATION SELF-AWARENESS 12. 13. Self Awareness Reflection Discovery ePortfolio an appropriate tool 14. Learning Journey Discovery Document and assess their progress Develop an integrated picture of their learning journey (Bhattacharya & Harnett, 2007) 15. 16. ePortfolio Architecture Upload pre-work and post-work associated with core sessions Documents created Key take-aways Insights Actions committed to/plans to complete them 17. ePortfolio Evaluation: is it strengthening integration and awareness? 25 trained on ePortfolio 11 had completed those components associated with core sessions they had attended 10 interviewed 18. Where is it? Hidden treasure Love-hate relationship More docs at once Visual layout Photos Private and Access Not intuitive/user friendly Lost to familiar Canvas ePortfolio 19. 20. Inquiry: APEX asks the questions the ePortfolio creates the space to explore them. Its not a published thing like LinkedIn, its more like a living document, a work in progress. graduate student 21. Reflection: Deepening or Widening Thinking I found it useful to reflection, I dont normally do that, Im very busy. I normally just reflect in my head but when you write it down it does force you to take things deeper. The ePortfolio was helpful because it included different questions than what I would ask. 22. Reflection: Summative rather than generative Most of the deep thinking I do in the sessions, the portfolio is more like a summary documents, it keeps a record so at the end I can look back at where I have been. Canvas is not very generative for free writing or thinking. 23. Integration: Connecting Curriculum With Behavior I retain more of the learning from actions I take because of it like my task was to make contact with at least one person during a workshop. Writing down the challenges I faced after doing that made those learnings more cemented, more solids. I have done lots of other networking since then but it comes back to that first time, what worked and how I can do it differently. 24. Integration: Weaving Curriculum into Cohesive Whole I like that I will have an end product where all of my information is together., because the program is pretty complex with lots of different parts this ties it all together. 25. Integration: Weaving Curriculum into Cohesive Whole: empowering effect I find Im pretty avoidant about a lot of the APEX material, because its about thinking of the future. I like that the ePortfolio puts it all in one place. Its less threatening because its material that you made yourself. 26. Recommendations Challenge: finding time/remembering what do to Solution: email reminders Challenge: Navigating architecture Solution: as much templated as possible 27. Conclusion I think you cant rely on it too much, in that the real value of it is that its part of this program that has all these face-to-face experiences where really great collaboration happens.