The skeletal system & the muscular system

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2. The skeletal system is also called the skeleton. It is made up of bones. Bones are made of a hard substance and are not easily broken. There are 300 bones in our body when we are a baby, but there are 206 bones in our body when we are an adult. 3. The skeletal system has 3 important jobs Our Skeletal System is all the different shapes and sizes of bones in our body. There are three important jobs that the skeleton is responsible for. 4. THE FIRST IMPORTANT JOB Our skeleton supports our body and gives our body its shape and size. All people have their own shape and size so everybody can be different. 5. THE SECOND IMPORTANT JOB Some bones of our skeleton protect our vital organs, such as the heart, the brain and the lungs. I protect the brain. I protect the heart and lungs. 6. THE THIRD IMPORTANT JOB Our skeleton enables us to move. It allows us to sit, walk, dance, run, jump, bend, skip, flip, roll and twist or turn. For our body to move, the skeleton system works with another system Muscular System. 7. The muscular system is made of muscles and tendons. Tendons attach our muscles to our bone helping our body move. We have about 650 muscles in our body. Relax and contract to move bones. Our muscles make up half of our body weight. How much do your muscles weigh? Relax and Contract 8. Hold our organs in place Hold our bones together so that we can move Help us chew my food Open and close our eyelids Pump our blood Allow us to run and play Help us to smile! My muscles are important because they. 9. In order to grow strong bones, we must drink milk and eat foods that contain calcium such as cheese, eggs, yoghurt, green vegetables and citrus fruits. Keep a good body posture to help backbone grow properly. Exercise everyday. Protect our bones especially during sports. Some ways to take care of our skeleton are . 10. Eat foods from the meat group every day. They are high in protein which helps to build strong muscles. Exercise everyday. Some ways to keep our muscles strong . 11. FUN AMAZING FACTS Half of your bones are in your hands and feet. The longest bone in your body is your femur. It is 18 1/2 inches long when you are an adult. The smallest bone in your body is located in your ear- stirrup Your face has 14 bones in it. You are using 12 facial muscles when you smile. Your leg is the fastest growing bone in your body. A giraffe has the same amount of bones in its neck as you have in your neck. Its neck is just longer. It takes more muscles to frown than to smile. Smile, then!