Seagull (Act l) by Anton Checkov Director – Corey Barber (group 77

The Seagull (act l)

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The Seagull by Anton Checkov (Act l) a presentation for Dr. Egging's group project

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Seagull (Act l)by Anton Checkov

Director – Corey Barber

(group 77

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The play takes place at the end of the 19th century so the life style of that time needs to be considered when it comes to dialogue as well as other elements of acting.

The Seagull is set in Russia, not only is this important to consider when making the dialogue and considering the accent that is needed from our actors, but the script is affected to fit the Russian lifestyle

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Masha – Zooey Deschanel - A defeated young woman who is the daughter of another character, Paulina. The actress for this character would need to have similar characteristics as the actress for Paulina. Zooey Deschanel would be an idea choice due to her age, her dark hair makes for good symbolism to her sorrow attitude.

Medvedenko - Joseph Leonard Gordon-Levitt – As Masha and Medvedenko have an emotional connection, it makes sense to cast an actor of the same age

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Sorin - Richard Griffiths – Sorin is an elderly land owner who owns the estate that the play (in the performance) takes place. His age should be considered, but also a huskier outlook could help represent his wealth.

Triplieff - Ben Whishaw – A young man looking to find his way through the shadows of his successful mother. Often nervous and easily upset and a protagonist, casting a skinnier male would be more fitting.

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Richard Griffiths Ben Whishaw

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Nina – Elena Satine – Nina is an unfortunate girl with hopes for love as well as success in the acting world. She is young and beautiful. Elena was also raised in Russia, making it easier for her dialogue.

Paulina - Sherilyn Fenn – As the mother of Masha, features such as hair color should try to be similar, thought not completely nessecary. However she should be noticeably older than Marsha’s actress.

Dorin – Christian Bale – Other than being a doctor, Dorin is known as a handsome ladies man. Casting a good looking actor would be preferable for Dorin.

Page 7: The Seagull (act l)

Elena Satine Sherilyn Fenn Christian Bale

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Arkadina – Julianne Moore - The mother of Treplieff and a famous actor. When casting her role it is important to consider her age as well as making her look like a famous actress.

Shamraeff – Tommy Lee Jones - Father of Masha, Shamraeff is known for being embarrassing to Masha and his wife Paulina.

Trigorin – George Clooney - Arkadina’s lover and a very successful writer. Obviously when casting his age might be up their with Arkadina’s, however considering her status he should be decently good looking.

Jacob – Lucas Till – Jacob is a workman, so his age can vary but he is likely young considering he would be moving heavy objects often.

Page 9: The Seagull (act l)

Julianne Moore George Clooney

Tommy Lee Jones Lucas Till

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The Spine of The Seagull is the hopeless, and almost comical, strive for love and success from all the characters involved.

Several characters long for each other and strive to reach some kind of connection.

Most characters in The Seagull strive for success above all else, such as Nina is her acting or Triplieff in play writiting, though they long for each other their success is more important inititally.

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A reoccurring idea and perhaps the main theme of The Seagull would be “hopeless love ,“and, “family,” in the life of an artist.

This theme would be demonstrated through the conflict of success verses love

Through costume designs a gothic line of outfits would represent the sorrow that is the state of the characters throughout this act, and it would keep some consistency considering the time period.

Lights would consist of darker cool colors, which would best set the mood for an empty and/or depressed atmosphere to which most of the characters endure.

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Theme (cont)

To implement the sorrow atmosphere, there will be a winter setting implemented. Harsh snowy nights compliment a sad mood well.

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The spine of the play is a, “hopeless strive for love and success.”

The theatrical style towards this through line would often be realism

As most people in real life push each day to reach their goals of love and success, the same is true for this play

Most characters have their own story which can easily be related to a normal life

Triplieff constantly strives for success as well as the love of Nina.

Paulina is in a relationship but questions her commitment of this relationship.

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Directorial Concept

This play is centered around the conflicting desires of love ,success, and family.

What should be taken away is that there is a balance of these elements in a persons life, and that to focus more on one will take away from the other two.

All the protagonists in this play have this problem.

This play will not center around one person the entire time, it will rotate its attention to different character’s point of view and the audience will see how they handle their conflict differently than the others.

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Directorial Concept (Cont.)

Sound can also be used to enhance a mood

The sound of a bell tower after an emotional scene can be an enhancer to the scene’s mood

An orchestra will instantly create, or help build on, a sad mood.

The play will be slow paced in terms of the actors movements

Slow pace movements point to uncertainty, sorrow, and/or disagreements