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THE POSSESSTION!! -Horror genre

The possession horror genre

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  • 1. THE POSSESSTION!! -Horror genre

2. How does the film use, develop orHow does the film use, develop or challenge conventions if the genre?challenge conventions if the genre? Use conventions of horror: -Creepy Old lady -Dark hospital rooms -A religious Jewish Priest -Whispery voices -Possessed girl -scary music -Villain and victim -Loud screams -Based on a true story How the film develops conventions of horror: The story is based on the allegedly haunteddybbuk box. -The box is possessed and the house becomes infested with moths. This is a developed convention as normally the in horror the house gets full with ghosts. -Develops conventions of the character as the family are not a proper family as the parents are newly separated making the family already look not normal and face problems. How the film challenged conventions of horror: -The film is shot in the daytime which is a challenging convention as it shows the girl going to school is shot in the house at daytime whereas most scary films are shot at night. - Normally at the end of horror films the (villain) gets defeated but in this film as the demon in the box was still alive as the family threw it in the ocean and thought that they got rid of it but it escaped and was lurking around. 3. Structure Starts off happy when the separated couple take their children to a yard sale to pick up vintage items. Girl (Em) becomes intrigued by a dybbuks old boxthat has Hebrewinscriptions engraved on it. She finds the box magical so her dad buys it for her. Problem starts to occur That night, Em hears whispering coming from it. She opens it and finds a tooth, a corpse of amoth, a woodenfigurine, and aring, which she begins to wear. Em becomes solitary and herbehaviour becomes increasingly sinister, to the point where she stabs her father in the hand with afork and continuous violent behaviour at school. The parents find that the girl is possessed by the spirit in the box and get a Jewish priest to help the possessed girl be free from the spirit. But then the spirit goes inside the dad and causes problems Finally when the spirit is out, the priest throws the box into the ocean Little do they know that the box and the spirit has escaped and ready to be haunted again. 4. AudienceAudience The Possession is a PG-13 film squarely aimed at the tastes of tweens and teenage females, carefully crafted for emotional issues that would best resonate with them. Its solidly crafted in the style of modern horror movies, if lacking that edge which might interest older audiences. The director even laments that one scene was scarier in his first cut of the film, but had to tone it down to obtain the PG-13 rating. Age rating- 15 for the UK and is high as it contains haunting content and can leave young people terrified as it is based on getting possessed. Responses to the film: The Possession has already received a reputation in the popular press as the Jewish version of the horror classic, The Exorcist. Good online reviews as people thought the film related well to The Exorcist. Mainly above 5 star ratings out of 10 which shows people enjoyed this film due to good storyline and interesting to watch. 5. Production Shot using the Super 35 film format,The Possessiondisplays excellent detail in its picture quality with a hint of grain and noise in the darker scenes. Facial close-ups manifest extraordinary levels of high- frequency content, down to the pores. Like so many other modern horror movies, the colour palette has been drained of the brighter primary colours. That creates slightly bleached flesh-tones and subdued colours dominating the film. Sharpness and dimensionality consistently outperform the average new theatrical release on Blu-ray, rarely allowing the picture to lose focus or definition. The contrast is nearly perfect, especially in exterior shots, though a few scenes display poor shadow delineation and a touch of black crush. Clydes jacket becomes a wall of impenetrable black in one scene, when the daughters get scared about the possibility of an intruder in their house. 6. Reflections Reasons for the films success! Got people interested as it was based on a true story Very unique storyline as the film was based on athe allegedly haunteddybbuk box. Box office -The film ranked #1 in its opening weekend, taking in an estimated $17.7 million, and an estimated $21.3 million for the full Labor Day Weekend. 7. The End!