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The Piano

The piano

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Page 1: The piano

The Piano

Page 2: The piano

There are different kinds of pianos. The biggest, prettiest one is called a grand piano.

Page 3: The piano
Page 4: The piano

Another kind isan upright piano.

Page 5: The piano
Page 6: The piano

A smaller kind of piano is called a spinet piano.

Page 7: The piano

Here is what the inside ofa grand piano looks like.

Page 8: The piano

When you press a piano key,it makes a hammer hit a string. (video)

Page 9: The piano

A full piano keyboard has 88 keys!

Page 10: The piano

Here are some piano keys.

Page 11: The piano

In the middle of the keyboard isa note called Middle C.

Page 12: The piano

The other keys have names too—C, D, E, F, G, then A, B, then C again.

Page 13: The piano

How many Cs can you find?How many As? How many Fs?

Page 14: The piano

You make music with a keyboard by playing the keys.

Page 15: The piano

You play the keys with your fingers, of course,

Page 16: The piano

with your thumb on Middle C.(That’s #1 in this picture.)

Page 17: The piano

The black keys are called sharps and flats. The white keys are called natural notes.

Page 18: The piano

The black keys come in sets of two

Page 19: The piano

and in sets of three.

Page 20: The piano

Do you see the sets oftwo and three?

They go 2, 3, 2, 3, 2, 3…

Page 21: The piano

Down at the bottom ofa piano are pedals.

Page 22: The piano

If you ever want to learn piano, you need to play often and carefully.

The word for this is practice.

Page 23: The piano

A piano teacher can help you learn. You can take lessons.

Page 24: The piano

A piano player is called a pianist.

Page 25: The piano

There have been many famous pianists.

Franz Liszt was very famous both for playing the piano and

for writing music.

Page 26: The piano
Page 27: The piano

Mozart, Beethoven, and Chopin were all famous as pianists.

Page 28: The piano

Another famous pianist, who also wrote music, was Sergei Rachmaninoff.

You can still hear his music.

Page 29: The piano

You can also still hear the music of Josef Hoffman,

Page 36: The piano

The End