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The investigatory project

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Investigatory paper format for Jaime Cardinal Sin learning Center

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2. WHY MUST WE UNDERSTANDRESEARCH?help make informed decisionsneed to produce research incareerevaluating research in themediaassist in classes 3. WHY IS RESEARCH A VALUEDSOURCE OF KNOWLEDGE?Common ways of knowingpersonal experience/intuitionexperts/traditions/authorityscientific method 4. Theorya set of inter-related constructs andpropositions that specify relationsamong variables to explain andpredict phenomenashould be simple, consistent withobserved relationships, tentativeand verifiable 5. WHAT IS SCIENCE, THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD,AND RESEARCH?Scientific Methodinvolves the principles andprocesses regarded ascharacteristic of or necessary forscientific investigationprocess or approach togenerating valid and trustworthyknowledge 6. WHAT IS SCIENCE, THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD,AND RESEARCH? Researchthe application of the scientific methoda systematic process of collecting and logically analyzinginformation (data) Research Methods (Methodology)the ways one collects and analyzes datamethods developed for acquiring trustworthy knowledge viareliable and valid procedures 7. CHARACTERISTICS OF RESEARCHobjectivepreciseverifiableparsimoniousempiricallogicalprobabilistic 8. TYPES OF RESEARCHTrochims Classificationsdescriptive e.g., percentage of regular exercisersrelational e.g., link between age and exercisecausal e.g., effect of behavior change interventionon exercise participation 9. TYPES OF RESEARCHOther Common Classificationsanalytical vs. descriptive vs.experimental vs. qualitative 10. IS THIS RESEARCH?Consider these examples 11. During an informal discussion with agroup of students, Ms. Chan heardsomeone say, Teachers always ask thesame people to answer the hardquestions. She began to wonder ifthat were really true. To find out she satin the back of another teachers classand wrote down each question askedand the student to whom the questionwas directed. 12. Mr. Ramirez was a beginning nurse. Hekept hearing about Ms. Blaine who wasthe best nurse in the clinic. In orderto find out what Ms. Blaine did thatearned her that reputation, Mr.Ramirez arranged to shadow her atwork three times each week. He alsotalked to patients and other staffabout their reasons for thinking Ms.Blaine was a good nurse. 13. TIPS TO MAKE THE PAPER:Remember,1. The paper is the soledocumentation of the product.2. One must persevere and behonest when making the paper.3. One must be clear, brief andconcise with words when writing. 14. CHAPTER 1Nowadays, people are complainingabout pimples and black headsappearing right under their noses oreven covering up their whole face.Some even encounter rough and dryskin. This conveys some of us are notreally happy with our skins and evenhad tried so many products to makeour skins radiantly glowing. But now,we dont have to worry because wehave SKINNEX. 15. CHAPTER 1(In making the first paragraph ofyour research, make sure give theproblem, the event why you madethe product and the purpose ofyour product. Make sure to usecohesive or transitional devices.) 16. The researcher made a facial scrubcalled Skinnex to satisfy peoples needsfor beauty. It aims to impregnate theirinnermost desire to become beautiful.As well as to feel the sense ofbelongingness. Even so, beauty is seenas one of the causes of a high socialstatus.(Elaborate on the effects of yourproduct.) 17. Furthermore, the researcher calledthe product SKINNEX, from thename itself, Skin. The main focus ofthe product is to make our skinsbetter. Skin is described as thetissues that surrounds the humanbody, protecting from the harmfulrays of the sun or other tactileincidents.(Give the origin of the name of theproduct.) 18. The researchers used the productssuch as Baking Soda on the said investigatory project because itcontains alkaline that mostly helps torelease the carbon dioxide whichalmost manifest oiliness on the skin. Inaddition, Oatmeal is a gentle exfoliatethat evens the skins surface while oil isbeing removed from the skins surface.(Give a brief explanation of what youhad used on your investigatoryproject.) 19. The researchers used the aninterview as a method because itamplifies the researchseffectiveness. Thus through aninterview, they may hear ideas whytheir research is effective in somecases.(Give a brief explanation of youmethod, choose either interview or asurvey.) 20. Statement of the Problem:This product, Skinnex, aims to determine howfeasible the grapes and the oatmeal can be as anatural facial cleanser. Furthermore, somequestions may follow as:1. What are the components of grapes andotameal to use it as the products mainingredients?2. What makes Skinnex different from otherproducts?3. What is the time period for the Skinnexproduct?(Any questions may do.) 21. Significance of the StudyThis study has its benefits from differentindividuals including:For minors with many pimplesThis may give them some hope that theirskins can still be saved from the over infesting pimples on their skins.For minors with growing pimplesThis may give them the resolution thatthere should be no worries when it comesto pimple related problems.( 22. Definition of TermsHere are the following terms used in the said project:Baking SodaThis ingredient is a natural agent that is usedmostly in bakeries as a leaveningcomponent. In research, it may likewise bean instrument to remove the pimples throughextraction of oil.(State the origin, purpose and the componentsof each ingredient. It must be at least two three sentences. You can also add themethod used.) 23. Scope and Limitations of the StudyThis study was conducted in Jaime Cardinal SinLearning Center during the school year, 2012 2013. Samples were taken from individuals livinginside the Jaime Cardinal Sin Village. Theseindividuals are chosen as the prospects as theyhave the skins either with pimples or rough and dryskins. The nature of study used is a simple interviewwith each individual using recording materials suchas tape recorder and a camera. The product mayonly use baking soda and grape extract as its solecomponent to test its effectiveness, nothing more.(State the origin, purpose and the components of eachingredient. It must be at least two threesentences.) 24. Conceptual FrameworkINPUTBaking Soda PROCESSGrape ExtractMixing JuicingOUTPUTSKINNEXThis paradigm uses an input process output approach whereas the input containsthe(Use different Smart Art tools..) 25. CHAPTER IILocal Related LiteratureThe grapes commonly known as the Ubashad been mostly filled the Filipino diet. Withits sweet taste and fragrance, Filipinos oftencompared it to Americans steak and mashedpotatoes. Even Ferdinand Marcos enjoyed itstaste, called it, The food of the Gods.(Find resources or articles which is greatlyrelated to you, the researchers) 26. CHAPTER IIForeign Related LiteratureGrapes first appeared in one of the greatest literaturein century including in the Odysseus of Virgil. Grapeswas said to possess divine powers that make heroespowerful and seemingly not doubted by the masses.Even so, it appeared in massive forms duringCleopatras regime when she was seen enjoy thisluxurious product right at her seat. Truly, it signifiesnot only of power but wealth, too.(Find resources or articles which is greatly related toother countries, the researchers) 27. CHAPTER IIForeign Related StudyGrapes were first found out to contain acid that almostmake the texture of the skin softer and looked natural. Itwas first harvested in wild vines and procreated inSpain. It was made to wines and other whiskeyproducts.(Find resources or articles which state about the productsdiscovery, components, history and the name itself) 28. CHAPTER IIIA. Materials UsedThe materials used for the product are as follows: grapes,baking soda, oatmeal and water.B. ProceduresThe procedures follows a step by step proceedings whichfollow as:1. First, mix the baking soda and oatmeal.2. Second, add a glass of water.3. Third, add the pounded grapes and extract orange at thesame time to the product.4. Next, stir the product. 29. CHAPTER IIIC. InstrumentationThe researcher used an interview to know theproducts effectiveness. The interview was usedbecause it is an elaboration of the ideas contributed bythe individuals involved. Furthermore, it is subjective,therefore, one is inclined and right to his or her ownopinion with how to make the product even moreeffective. The questions used are about the applicationof Skinnex, its effects and casual appearances.Information given by each individual is recordedthrough and the characteristics of each is closelydefined. (See Appendices) 30. REMEMBER:Kinds of InstrumentationInterview There are sets of questions given to therespondents and they are to answer freely. Themethod to collect is data is at large. Therefore, one isadvised create a summary.Survey No sets of questions are given. The respondentswill only check the said boxes that they thought fit fromtheir experiences. 31. REMEMBER:Interview samples:Name:Answer the following questions. Be honestas possible:1. What is your first idea when you hadseen the product?2. Where did you apply the product mostly?3. What did the product felt when applying? 32. REMEMBER:Survey samples:Name:Kindly check the following:1. What do you think of the product?___ effective ____ not effective ___ not sure2. How long did you use the product?___ 1 week ____ 2 weeks ____ 3 weeks 33. CHAPTER IVResults and Discussions:The following are the results of the saidproduct:(Remember, if you had used a survey, usea graph or a table with an explanationbelow why the said product gainedthose answers.If you had used an interview, make sureto summarize the word of eachrespondent.) 34. CHAPTER IVResults and Discussions:The researchers used an Interview . The respondents werefrom the Jaime Cardinal Village. The following were theresults of the said product:Mang Kanor claimed that the product is duly effectivebecause even after a week of use, he felt the smooth glow ofhis skin. Furthermore, he stated not only it moisturize his skinfrom the hot weather, it makes his skin even look younger. Butto his dismay, the product only can moisturize, not to theeffect, it can lessen his pimple related problems.From Mang Kanors statements, the researchers ahd an ideathat 35. CHAPTER IVResults and Discussions:The researchers used a Survey. The respondents werefrom the Jaime Cardinal Village. The following were theresults of the said product:very effectiveslightly effectivenot effectivenot sure 36. CHAPTER IVvery effectiveslightly effectivenot effectivenot sureFrom the pie chart above, the researchers deduced that the product iseffective due to the percentage shown. It may be effective in some casesor scenarios because it is 37. CHAPTER VSummary, Conclusions and RecommendationsSUMMARYIn this investigatory, the researchers hadgathered the following information.1. The product is proven to be effectivebecause 2. The product is different from otherproducts due to some . 38. CHAPTER VSummary, Conclusions andRecommendationsCONCLUSIONSThe product is said to be successfulbased from the following results.(Pick the positive aspects of yourresearch) 39. CHAPTER VSummary, Conclusions andRecommendationsRecommendations(Find another suitable ingredient tosubstitute the given ingredients andexplain how it helps.)