The innovative leader how to inspire your team and drive creativity

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How to inspire your team and drive creativityPAUL SLOANE



Recognized expert on innovationKing of lateral thinking puzzlesFounder of Destination-Innovation.Clients- AA, American Express, ARM, BT, Cendant, DWP, HMRC, Home Office, Lloyds of London, OGC, Shell and 3M.

THEME AND CONTENTLEADING INNOVATIONThe need for innovation Fight the fear of changeBreak down internal barriers

PROBLEM ANALYSISAnalyze problemsRedefine the problem

GENERATING IDEASHave a suggestion schemeGo for quantityConceive a different business modelLook for the solution within the problem

IMPLEMENTING INNOVATION PROCESSAllocate time & resources for innovationGive Everyone Two JobsKill The LosersBULDING A CREATIVE CULTUREPraise the innovators

PERSONAL CREATIVITYBe disconnected for sometimeCONCLUSIONInnovative leader have a vision for change in the business, they develop a culture for innovation and they implement processes for innovation.Fear of failure and fear of unknown are overcome with an atmosphere that encourages experiment.Enabling the creative talents of their team.

MY LEARNINGSOvercome the fear of changeStanding still is more riskyThe process of expanding one's business requires a great degree of willingness to try and fail