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  • 1. Roses Mariam Yousif AL-Suhail Buthaina AL-Othman English 09060

2. agenda Definition Types& Colors Origin Uses Conclusion 3. Definition It is the boy name and it mean Coming to the palate 4. types Mean Name Pictures Love placard Tulip Beauty and crest Cornafiol The woman that very beauty and charisma Orchid 5. types Mean Name Pictures The beauty andstyle Cala Lily The title of thehospitality Anthurium The blamelessness Freesia 6. Colors Yellow Ardency and happiness Orange Abandon and dash Pink Amity and sympathy WhiteThe blamelessness And respect Red The love and nerve 7. Origin The best environment and climate Countries thatare grow roses 8. Uses Slow Dow Uses in the medicinal ways cure the gum diseases Use location for body to make rose water a 9. Conclusion Definition Types& Colors Origin Uses 10. refrences Google images ** Roses , Des,27.2010 Thank you