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The entropion

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  • 1. TheEntropionAshesh nagar

2. What it is?? Inward rolling of the lid margin 3. A disorder ofLid?? NOEyelid 4. Knowing a bit of eyelid willbe helpful The tarsus Muscles of lid Glands The margin The tarsal conjuctiva 5. entropion trichiasis 6. What causes entropion???Disparity in length and tone betweenthe anterior skin-muscleor posterior tarsoconjuctival laminaof eyelid 7. It menifests as Redness and pain around the eye Sensitivity to light and wind Sagging skin around the eye Excessive tears Decreased vision, especially if the cornea is damaged 8. 1. involutional2. cicatririalclassification3.spastic 4.congenital 9. Involutional Dehisance ofposterior lid retractors Laxity of canthalligaments Vertical lid laxity Atrophy of orbital fat 10. Tx of involutionalCorrective measureprocedureVertical skin-muscle shortening Zieglar cauteryHorizontal tightening of lid at lower bick proceduretarsal border Fox procedure Barricading of orbicularis fibersWeis procedure,Jones procedureTightning of orbicularis fibres WheelerprocedureReattachment of inferior retractors Jones procedure 11. Cicatricial cicatrization of palpebral conjunctiva.(trauma, chemical burns, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, ocular cicatricial pemphigoid (OCP), infections, or local response to topical medication) Examination of the tarsus and palpebral conjunctiva usually will point to the diagnosis in these cases. 12. Treatment of cicatritial entropion Depending on the degree of scarring and entropion,the etiology of the cicatricial changes, and the statusof the tarsal plate. Wedge resection Tarsal fracture Wies procedure More extensive scarring may require oral mucousmembrane (eg, buccal mucosa) or cadaveric dermis(eg, Alloderm) grafts. 13. Wedge resection 14. Spastic entropionocular irritation in the form of inflammation trauma Recent surgery Tight bandagingor due to degeneration of palpebral connective tissue separating the fibers oforbicularis muscle Age related degeneration of tarsal muscle 15. Role of botoxPostPre-injection injection

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