The dream of the red chamber

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<p> 1. Tsao Hsueh-chin, , , Chia Pao-Yu, , Lin Tai-Yu, , : Chia, Shih, Wang Hsueh. Ching (, , , , , , , Ching, . , , , . , . . . Tsao Hsueh-chin, the author, created a tragic love story between a young man, Chia Pao- Yu, and a young woman, Lin Tai-Yu, and, along with their love story, he described in careful detail the ups and downs of four leading aristocratic families: Chia, Shih, Wang, and Hsueh. It is through his precise description of the decline of these four families that we are given a deep and careful analysis and criticism of the Ching Dynasty's economics, politics, culture, education, law, ethics, religion, and marriage, focusing in particular on the social superstructure of the Ching Dynasty, China's last feudal dynasty. Clearly, this novel is, like life itself, extraordinarily rich. It depicts with artistic appeal and succinctness the hidden crises and various kinds of intricate social conflicts of the declining feudal society, while offering us many different characteristics of many different kinds of people. The novel has profound social significance and a high historical value. It is generally regarded as China's greatest novel 2. CHIA Ancestress, Chia Tai Shan, o Yungkuo. . Chia Ching ( ), Chia Tai Hua, Ningkuo. . Chia Chen ( Chen), Chia Ching Ningkuo. Chia Shieh ( Shieh), Ancestress Yungkuo. Chia Cheng, Ancestress. Chen, Yu, Chen. Shieh, Hsin, Shieh. THE CHIA FAMIL HEAD OF THE FAMILY Princess Ancestress, widow of Chia Tai Shan, the second Prince of Yungkuo. Ruler of the eastern and western palaces. Chia Ching (prince Hermit), son of Chia Tai Hua, the second Prince of Ningkuo. Retired to a Taoist temple. THE SENIORS Chia Chen (Prince Chen), son of Chia Ching; in his place master of the Ningkuo palace. Chia Shieh (Prince Shieh), elder son of the Princess Ancestress; master of the Yungkuo palace. Chia Cheng, younger son of the Princess Ancestress. Princess Chen, nee Yu, wife of Prince Chen. Princess Shieh, nee Hsin, wife of Prince Shieh. 3. Cheng Wang, Chia Cheng. Chia Yung, Chen. Chia Lien, Shieh. Chia Pao Yu, Chia Cheng , Madame Cheng. Huan Chia, Chia Cheng Chao Pao Yu Chia Lan, Chia Chu, Chia Cheng. Yung, Chia Yung, , Ko Ching. Phoenix, Chia Lien. Chu, Chia Lan. , Chia Cheng , Wang Pao Yu . , Chia Cheng Chao Pao Yu. Madame Cheng nee Wang, wife of Chia Cheng. THE JUNIORS Chia Yung, son of Prince Chen. Chia Lien, son of Prince Shieh. Chia Pao YU, son of Chia Cheng by his wife, Madame Cheng. Chia Huan, son of Chia Cheng by his secondary wife Chao; half brother of Pao Yu. Chia Lan, son of Chia Chu, the deceased son of Chia Cheng. Mistress Yung, wife f Chia Yung, also known by her childhood name, Ko Ching. Madame Phoenix, wife of Chia Lien. Widow Chu, mother of Chia Lan. Beginning of Spring, daughter of Chia Cheng and his wife, nee Wang; sister of Pao Yu; imperial secondary wife. Taste of Spring, daughter of Chia Cheng by his secondary wife Chao; half sister of Pao Yu. 4. , Chia Ching, . , Shieh . CHIA - Ningkuo Yungkuo. Black Jade ( Ling), Ling Ju Hai, Ancestress. ______________________ Grief of Spring, daughter of Chia Ching, the Prince Hermit. . Greeting of Spring, daughter of Prince Shieh by his secondary wife. RELATIONS OF HE CHIA FAMILY - Living within the confines of the Ningkuo and Yungkuo estates. Black Jade (Miss Ling), daughter of Ling Ju Hai, granddaughter of the Princess Ancestress. _________________ 5. 1: Shih Ying . Yu Tsun . 2: Yangchow . Yu Tsun . 3: Ling Yungkuo. Ancestress . 4: . . A 5: Pao Yu . . A 6: Pao Yu . Ningkuo Chin Chung. CHAPTER 1: Shih Ying is carried away in a dream and receives a revelation. Amidst the toil and welter of daily life Yu Tsun finds the maiden of his heart. CHAPTER 2 : In Yangchow a high-born lady joins the company of the Blessed. In the tavern Yu Tsun learns more about his noble relatives. CHAPTER 3 : Mr. Ling gives his guest from the West an introduction to the Yungkuo palace. The Princess Ancestress takes a motherless child lovingly into her home. CHAPTER 4: An unfortunate girl finds an unfortunate suitor. A little bonze from the Temple of the Gourd acts as judge. CHAPTER 5: The spirit of Pao Yu wanders about in the Phantom Realm of the Great Void. The Fairy of Fearful Awakening vainly interprets for him in songs the Dream of the Red Chamber. CHAPTER 6: Pao Yu tries for the first time the "Play of Cloud and Rain." In the Ningkuo palace he becomes acquainted with his nephew Chin Chung. 6. 7: Pao Yu Pao Yu , . 8: Chia Cheng . . 9: Nng-kuo . Phoenix Chia Jui. 10: Phoenix . , o Chia Jui . 11: Ko Ching . Phoenix Ningkuo. 12: Pao Yu . Chin Chung . CHAPTER 7 : Pao Yu is shown the gold amulet of his girl cousin. The girl cousin is shown Pao Yu's stone. . CHAPTER 8: Chia Cheng reprimands his delinquent offspring. Ill-behaved boys create a disturbance in the school. CHAPTER 9: The Prince Hermit's birthday is celebrated in the Nng-kuo palace. The sight of Phoenix awakens carnal desires in the heart of Chia Jui. CHAPTER 10: Phoenix maliciously incites an unrequited passion. In spite of warnings, Chia Jui looks into the forbidden side of the Wind and Moon Mirror. CHAPTER 11 : Ko Ching dies and receives the posthumous title of wife of a mandarin of the fifth rank. Phoenix takes over the household management in the Ningkuo palace. CHAPTER 12: Pao Yu meets the Prince of the Northern Quietness on the road. Chin Chung enjoys himself in the nunnery. 7. 13: , Chin Chung . 14: Pao Yu . Black Jade . 16: Pearl Pao Yu . Black Jade Little Cloud. 17: Pearl Pao Yu . Little Ping Chia Lien . 18: Pao Yu . . 19: . . . CHAPTER 13 : Beginning of Spring is exalted by Imperial favor and chosen to be Mistress of the Phoenix Palace, Chin Chung sets out prematurely on his journey to the Yellow Springs. CHAPTER 14: Pao Yu reveals his talent in the Park of Delightful Vision. Black Jade is annoyed by the bite of a fly. CHAPTER 15 : On the day of the Lantern Festival the Imperial consort pays her family a visit. CHAPTER 16: One night the maid Pearl tests Pao Yu's feelings and stipulates her conditions. Black Jade makes fun of Cousin Little Cloud. CHAPTER 17: The maid Pearl sulks and takes Pao Yu quietly to task. The maid Little Ping keeps silence and saves Chia Lien from being discovered. CHAPTER 18: Pao Yu falls out with two of his cousins at the same time. Two lovers tease one another with quotations from "The Play of the Western Pavilion." CHAPTER 19: Ni the usurer proves impulsively generous when drunk. A lovelorn maid gets queer ideas about a lost handkerchief. 8. 20: . . 21: . Yang . 22: , . , . 23: Little Cloud . Gold Ring . 24: . 25: Begonia Club . Princess Ancestress . CHAPTER 20: A sorcerer bewitches the cousins. The marvelous power of the magic stone brings about their recovery. CHAPTER 21: On the Wasp Waist Bridge a lovelorn maid expresses her feelings in commonplace words. The "Courtesan Yang" startles two butterflies in the Pavilion of the Kingfisher-Blue Drops. CHAPTER 22 : The better off one is, the more one troubles about one's welfare. The more a woman is cherished and loved, the more love does she demand. CHAPTER 23: A lost unicorn amulet causes Little Cloud to expose her bare ad to the fierce sun. Gold Ring cannot get over the insult she suffers and seeks the death of honor. CHAPTER 24: The degenerate offspring experiences the pain of a paternal flogging. CHAPTER 25: The Begonia Club meets in the Hermitage of Clear Autumn Weather. The Princess Ancestress entertains the godmother from the country in the Park of Delightful Vision. 9. 26: Pao Yu . Phoenix . 27: Black Jade . Mandarin Duck Mandarin Duck. 28: Mad Robber . Cold Knight . 29: , , . , . A 30: Bright Cloud . , Bright Cloud Pao Yu . 31: Cuckoo Pao Yu . . CHAPTER 26: Pao Yu sets out to burn incense in the dust of the highway in memory of a dear departed. On the Day of the Thousand Autumns Phoenix unexpectedly turns into a vinegar barrel. CHAPTER 27: The windy and rainy mood of a gloomy autumn evening inspires Black Jade with an elegy on the wind and the rain. The maid Mandarin Duck renounces the bliss of a Mandarin Duck union. CHAPTER 28: The Mad Robber Count has improper designs and experiences a flogging. The Cold Knight sets off on a journey to avoid trouble. CHAPTER 29: The libertine, shamed and disgraced, seeks distraction in a business expedition. A superior girl practices the art of poetry, studying the best masters. CHAPTER 30: A quack doctor treats Bright Cloud with tiger and wolf medicines". Despite being ill, Bright Cloud heroically sacrifices herself for Pao Yu and mends his peacock-plume cloak. CHAPTER 31 : The waiting maid Cuckoo slyly tests Pao Yu's feelings and upsets his mental balance by hinting at a parting. A kindly aunt pacifies a lovelorn maiden with gentle words. 10. 32: Chia Lien Miss Yu. Miss Yu Cold Knight . 33: . Cold Knight . 34: Phoenix . Yu . 35: Phoenix, , . , Yu . 36: . . 37: . - . CHAPTER 32: Chia Lien secretly takes the second Miss Yu to wife. The third Miss Yu aspires to the hand of the Cold Knight. CHAPTER 33: A fiery maiden, ashamed of her unrequited passion, takes her life. The Cold Knight strides with a cold heart through the Gateway of the Great Void. CHAPTER 34: Phoenix cross-examines the servant and so finds out the master's deceits. The unhappy Yu girl allows herself to be lured into a trap. CHAPTER 35: Phoenix, with cunning and malice, plays the young rival off against the older one. Driven to desperation, the second Yu kills herself by swallowing gold. CHAPTER 36: The bag with the embroidery becomes a traitor in the hands of a simple girl. The girls in the Park of Delightful Vision fall into discredit and have to suffer the torture of a house search. CHAPTER 37: A sinister occurrence at the nocturnal banquet awakens dark forebodings. At the Mid-Autumn Festival a new stanza awakens happy promises for the future. 11. 38: . . 39: Plaster Pao Yu . . 40: . . 41: , . Black Jade , . 42: Ancestress . Pao Yu . CHAPTER 38: The charming maid cannot get over the wrong done her, and dies in the flower of her youth. The unhappy scion of princes dedicates a funeral hymn to the dead maid. CHAPTER 39: The Plaster Priest makes game of Pao Yu and invents a remedy for jealousy. Four beauties question fate with the fishing rod. CHAPTER 40: An evil dream frightens an unhappy lovesick maiden in the Bamboo Hermitage. Beginning of Spring is visited by her relatives on her sickbed in the Imperial Palace. CHAPTER 41 : The beautiful saint is caught up in the fire of sin as she sits on her prayer cushion, and is carried away into ecstasy by demoniacal forces. Black Jade is frightened by the shadow of the snake in the beaker, and rejects all nourishment with sublime resolution. CHAPTER 42: The Ancestress puts a reverse interpretation upon the evil omen of the begonia blossoming in winter and tries to drown anxious doubts in the joyous tumult of a banquet. Pao Yu loses the spirit stone and forfeits his reason as a consequence. 12. 43: Black Jade . Precious Clasp , . 44: . . 45: Taste of Spring , Pao Yu . . 46: Yu Tsun , . Ni, Drunken Diamond, . 47: , Pao Yu, . . CHAPTER 43: Black Jade consigns her poetical works to the flames and finally renounces her unhappy love. Precious Clasp crosses the threshold of her maidenly bower for the last time, and goes through the great ceremony of her life. CHAPTER 44: The plant Purple Pearl returns to the Sphere of Banished Suffering. The spirit stone drenches with tears the place of dear memories. CHAPTER 45: Taste of Spring marries far from home, and Pao Yu weeps bitter tears after her. Ghosts disport themselves at night in the deserted park. CHAPTER 46: Yu Tsun recognizes in the mysterious hermit his old friend and benefactor. The moneylender Ni, known as the Drunken Diamond, becomes the pike in the carp pond. CHAPTER 47 : The unhappy lover, Pao Yu, stirs up past feelings. The bailiffs of the Minister of Finance take possession of the western palace. 13. 48: Princess Ancestress, , , . Chia Cheng, , , . 49: Ancestress . Pao Yu . 50: Pao Yu . Shih Ying Yu Tsun . CHAPTER 48: The Princess Ancestress, prostrate before heaven, nobly takes upon her own head the guilt of the whole clan, and generously distributes her treasures. The Imperial grace is showered upon Chia Cheng, and the princely title, restored once more, is passed on to him. CHAPTER 49: Robbers loot the property left by the Ancestress and abduct the beautiful anchoress. Pao Yu gets back his stone and is awakened. CHAPTER 50: Pao Yu passes the examination with honors and renounces the red dust of the world. Shih Ying and Yu Tsun meet once more and conclude the story of the stone. </p>


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