The dream of middle school

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This is my report of how middle school is!


<p>The dream of middle school</p> <p>The dream of middle school</p> <p>You just passed 5th grade.</p> <p>Two months of relaxing!</p> <p>Yay! Time to go see family! </p> <p>Fire works stop, a week until MIDDLE SCHOOL. </p> <p>The night before you feel wheezy.</p> <p>Time to start a new journey.</p> <p>Time for school to start</p> <p>Its just an adventure like Disneyland!</p> <p>Trying new things is fun!</p> <p>Expressing myself in Drama!</p> <p>Ms.Price makes me laugh!!!</p> <p>Writing. maybe even Poetry!</p> <p>Relating songs to my life. (in Choir)</p> <p>Senor Ethridge is chistoso funny.</p> <p>Where I got the pictures fromPeople on Journey- works- graduation- US Capital- sister and I in Angkor Wat- night- Bed with garbage can next to it- My bed room </p>


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