The dream of middle school

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This is my report of how middle school is!


The dream of middle school

The dream of middle school

You just passed 5th grade.

Two months of relaxing!

Yay! Time to go see family!

Fire works stop, a week until MIDDLE SCHOOL.

The night before you feel wheezy.

Time to start a new journey.

Time for school to start

Its just an adventure like Disneyland!

Trying new things is fun!

Expressing myself in Drama!

Ms.Price makes me laugh!!!

Writing. maybe even Poetry!

Relating songs to my life. (in Choir)

Senor Ethridge is chistoso funny.

Where I got the pictures fromPeople on Journey- works- graduation- US Capital- sister and I in Angkor Wat- night- Bed with garbage can next to it- My bed room