The beavers natural objects museum

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  • 1. The Beavers Natural Objects Museum

2. The Beavers were learning about Natural Objects.
We asked:
What is nature?
What can you do with a natural object?
3. We went on a nature walk around the school grounds
We made observations and collected some objects.
4. We brought some more objects in and played with them.
5. We counted, sorted, measured, compared, observed, drew, etc.
6. When it was time to get ready for the museum we chose teams based on the groups the students made when sorting the natural objects: rocks, sticks, shells, leaves and flowers.
7. And of course a table for Chippy the Beavers House!
8. We made signs.
9. We made invitations.
10. We found out how may students were in the other ECLC classes and we made tickets for them.
11. Finally it was time! We set up and practiced what we would say and do.
12. We were so excited when our visitors started arriving!
13. Mr. Toze came!
14. Mr. Gillespie came!
15. Ms. Jo came!
16. All the ECLC classes came!
17. 18. The museum was a huge success!
Thank you for watching!