The 21st Century student

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  • 1. Pedagogical challengesFlexibilityDecentralisationCollaborationEducator asmentorHybrid learningActive learning

2. 21st Century Learner BumpyTrafficCant get where you want to go Have to waitLots of peopleTake time 3. 4. access is varied and unequal Years ICT experience of under 22 yr olds 30.00% 20.00% 10.00%0.00%< 2 years ago 2-4 years ago 4-6 years ago 6-10 years ago10-15 years ago >15 years ago Czernieiwcz and Brown 2010 5. Students on campus are all digitally connectedin some way. BUT digital does mean something different toeveryone 6. Mobile rules South African residents lead as one of the highestusers of mobile technology and mobile socialnetworking on the continent. However, stationaryInternet and computer ownership lags. (Unicef2012) South African adolescents and youth are the firstadopters of mobile technology, with 72 per centof 15 to 24-year olds having a cell phone.(Unicef 2012) The only sustainable way forward is to exploitdevices students already own and use (Traxler2013) 7. Invisible learning spaces 8. Informal learning At one stage I was trying to learn Spanish, which did not go very well. I wasin contact with three people from different parts of the world and wouldchat to them to practice it. Student O Int 2 UCT Ref 6 Use Facebook to get quick responses to certain questions that mayappear in the exams. Student Y Int 2 RU Ref 1 For example; say you have a friend who is always on Facebook, and youknow that want like a book from them or maybe you just want to askabout something education wise, you can just contact them usingFacebook Students U Int 1 FHU Ref 2 He does use social media for exam preparation: he shares interestingexamples on Facebook with friends, Student G Int 2 RU Ref 1 9. Informal Learning two previous teachers on facebook and sometimes talk tothem for advice about academic stuff at University Student D Int 2 UFS Ref 3 She uses her cellphone all the time to communicate withpeople about academic stuff. She communicates with alecturer as well via Facebook; with her one tutor in English.She does communicate with her old art teacher from HighSchool. He is still teaching art and she studies media, so Isometimes asks him some things; which relate to themedia, sort of, and also architecture. Student E Int 2 UFS Ref 2 10. Leveraged academic work as a filmstudent by uploading two FilmProduction course videos he did toVimeo and one to YouTube.believed these presences support hisability to network and develop acareer in filmconnected with important peopleand organisations, like the GhettoFilm School of LA Entered a competition chosen to be showcased at theSundance Film FestivalUCT students Katey Carson (second fromprize-winning entry sponsored hisright) and Dylan Bosman (third from right)attendance. at the Sundance Film Festival in LosAngeles, where their short films werescreened. 11. Core ReferencesAvailable onlineUNICEF 2012 South African Mobile generation 2013 Context as text in mobile digital literacy 2012 Digital Literacy across the curriculum literacy-across-curriculum-handbookBeetham and Sharpe 2010 Digital Literacy Framework and Czerniewicz 2010 Debunking the Digital Native 2012 University students as Digital Migrants