Texts lead to Wrecks

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The Dangers of Texting and Driving... Will you answer your next text/phone call?


  • 1.Texts lead to wrecks
    Image by Dickson@flickr
    Texting while driving: a dangerous epidemic

2. From February to December in 201045,975 tickets were handed out to Ontario drivers who were distracted while operating motor vehicles.
July 1 2008 Quebec banned the use of hand-held cell phone devices whiledriving: 93, 845 tickets have been issued since then.
Image by Slaup
3. In a recent survey done by TNS Canadian Facts drivers were dividedover whether or not cell phone use should be outlawed while driving.
67 %
Stated that the outlawing would not be obeyed by drivers
42 % Opposed to banning phone use while driving
Image by Insight Imaging: John A Ryan Photography
4. Q:
Are you in support of the ACTIVELAWSagainst hand held use of cell phones while driving?
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5. There is a clear divide betweengenerations
58 %of elderly population believe that all forms of cell phone use should be ban while driving.
While only 28% of the young population
6. Researchers at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute found that
.texting while driving was even MORE dangerous than being under the influence or alcohol. Increasing your risk of having an accident by seven.
Image by Gizzypooh
7. A study Conducted by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute found that text messaging keeps a drivers eye off of the road for 4.6 seconds over a six-second period.
They also found that texting was 23xmore dangerous than non-distracted driving.
According to the New York Times drivers typically look at their hand held devices, at highway speeds, long enough tocover a football field.
Image by Joe Dunckley
8. Recklessness has caused numerouscar accidents and DEATHS related incidents in the driving age group of 16-20, the largest texting demographics.
Image by OregonDOT
9. Q:
How would you feel if you noticed your bus driver using their mobile device while driving?
Image by JHop
10. CBC News Canada reports The Toronto Transit Commission has fired THREE bus drivers for using mobile devices while operating transit vehicles.
Image by Clifford Howard
11. The Allstate Foundations recent survey report that texting while driving is the biggest distraction behind the wheel for American teens.
82% of teens report using cell phones while driving
23% admit to drinking and driving
12. According to data collected by the Insurance Institute Highway Safety, more teenagers die on May 20ththan any other days of the year.
May 20th, over the past five years, has claimed 63% more lives than any average day
Prom and graduation seasonalmost summer vacation celebrations and late nights.
Image by Onkel wart
13. Q:
Do you feel SAFEdriving with friends?
Would you speak up?
Image by Bruce Berrien
14. Allstate found.
that 77 %of teens admit feeling unsafe with another teens driving
Only59% of teens will speak up
Image by jk5854
15. Q:
Are you willing to accept the consequences?
Up to $500 dollars in fines
90 days in jail
Image by State Records NSW
16. or even worse, death.
500,000people are injured and 6,000are killed each year due to talking, texting and email behind the wheel.
Image by Kodama
17. Q:
Did you know that if a driver is?
-0.54 seconds to brake
Legally Drunk
-Add 4 feet to brake
Sending a Text
-Add 70 feet to brake
Reading an E-Mail
-Add 36 feet to brake
Image by Randall Richards
Data provided by Car and Driver Magazine
18. When texting while driving your ability to steer is reduced by 91%
Image by Robert S. Donovan
19. The Simple Solution
Its Not Worth The Risk
Avoid Distractions..
Turn Off your phones
It CANhappen to you.
Image by Jean WichinoskiFotografia
20. Credits
All images are licensed under the Creative Commons Non-Commercial Share and sourced from flickr.
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