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  • 1. TekLinks
    WE KNOW I.T.

2. Our Distinctives
3. Our Certifications
4. Our Coverage
When TekLinks enters a market, it isnt just a sales office.TekLinks hires the best available local talent and quickly establishes a physical location.
With 10 locations in the mid-south, TekLinks is in your corner and right around the corner.
5. Our History
Introduction of Managed Services and Cloud Services
Opened first regional office in Hattiesburg-2004
TekLinks founded
Opened 200 Summit Data Center 2011
70% + growth rate each of the first 6 years
Opened 201 Summit Data Center 2006
6. Our Recognition
#25 on CRN Fast Growth 100
2009- #29 MSPMentor Top 100
Named Top MSP-VAR500
#373 in VAR500
Best Places to Work
Top 100 Privately Held
7. Our Compliance
Independent audit driven certifications
SAS70 Type I- 2008
SAS70 Type II- 2009(2010 audit 12/1)
ISO/IEC 20000-1 Certified- 2010
Cisco Master UC Certified - 2010
8. Our Offerings
9. Our Industry Leading Partners-Cisco
Having achieved the Cisco Master Certification makes TekLinks one of only 50 partners globally to have achieved that level of certification.
As the largest Cisco partner headquartered in the mid-South, TekLinks strives to stay at the forefront of Cisco technology and certification.
TekLinks has a staff dedicated to ensuring that their support of Cisco advanced technology is unparalleled in the industry.
10. Our Industry Leading Partners-Microsoft
As a gold partner, TekLinks is one of the leading partners in the region.
Given TekLinks high level of certification and skill, TekLinks is authorized to represent Microsoft, including a Microsoft badge, when working with customers on Microsofts behalf..
TekLinks maintains a SPLA licensing agreement with Microsoft, allowing clients who have cloud based services to pay for Microsoft licensing in a subscription model.
11. Our Industry Leading Partners-EMC
TekLinks is the fastest growing EMC partner in the Southeast.
TekLinks is certified in the advanced technologies offered by EMC, including Vblock, the foundation of the private cloud.
With EMC, TekLinks provides a host of solutions around server consolidation, backups, disaster recovery and archiving.
EMC is one of the foundational products underpinning TekLinks award winning cloud services.
12. Our Industry Leading Partners- vmware
As a key component of the storage and virtualization practice, TekLinks maintains the highest levels of certification with vwmare.
With customers recognizing the enhanced efficiency, reliability and scalability of virtualization, this practice has been one of the fastest growing parts of TekLinks.
13. Our Industry Leading Partners-Citrix
As a Citrix Gold Partner, we have Citrix professionals that hold the highest levels of certifications.
Citrix is one of the enterprise tools we use to deploy the TekLinks Cloud Services.
14. Our award winning Managed Services
TekLinks is recognized as a global leader in managed services.
Managed services include:
TekCare- remote support/administration
TekFilter- antispam
TekDC- colo data center services
TekConnect- connectivity
And new for 2011
TekVoice- hosted voice
15. Our Cloud Services
Many clients are moving to the cloud.The cloud is more scalable, more secure, more reliable and oftentimes, more cost effective over the long term.
Cloud services from TekLinks include:
TekEx- cloud based Exchange
TekVault- cloud based backups
TekCloud- cloud based computing
16. Our Data Centers
TekLinks owns and operates three data centers in our region.
Over 15,000 square feet of data center space with fully redundant systems and connectivity.
These centers meet rigorous security standards that have been independently audited.
17. Our Online Presence
18. TekLinks
Leading the way through Innovation, Commitment and Quality.