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Technology Used In Virtual Teams

Technology Used In Virtual TeamsBy: Team HiltonWhy Is Technology Important in Virtual Teams?Virtual Teams need technology in order to communicate with one another in long distance business circumstances.Technology enables virtual teams from different walks of life and time zones to work together and share ideas and concepts.Virtual Teams use technology anytime and anywhere at their own convenience to conduct business transactions. List of Virtual Team Technology ToolsDocument Storage/ File Sharing ToolsMeeting ToolsVideo & Audio Conferencing ToolsCollaboration Tools

Document Storage/ File Sharing Tools

Drop Box- Drop Box allows for teams to put their documents in Dropbox and get to it from your computers, phones, or tablets. Team members can edit documents, automatically add documents, and access presentations from any device that has Drop Box installed.

Meeting ToolsGoToMeeting- GoToMeeting allows for virtual teams to video conference anywhere and at anytime. This application is cost effective and offers a simple and powerful way for people in long distant locations to collaborate.

Meeting ToolsWebEx- Created by Cisco, WebEx allows teammates to meet online, hold events and webinars, and teach or train other individuals. The person holding the meeting can also present documents and offer services such as tech support to others.

Video & Audio Conferencing ToolsSkype- A telecommunication tool that virtual teams can use to video chat. Users can also send instant messages and exchange file and images as well. This application is nearly compatible with all computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

Collaboration Tools

Blackboard Collaborate- This program is an online comprehensive learning tool. Blackboard Collaborate delivers an effective learning experience for all age ranges of students through a mobile learning online collaboration environment. It also can assist professional, corporate, and government organizations worldwide.

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