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  • 1. MBERRA GLEK 3/A - 10131040 LESSON PLAN GRADE: 4th GRADE TIME: 40 MINUTES ACTIVITY: TEACHING SPEAKING SPEAKING POINT: DESCRIBING PEOPLE & DESCRIBING OBJECTS BY USING ADJECTIVES (Beautiful-Ugly, Fast-Slow, Poor-Rich, Happy-Sad) MATERIALS: Course Book, PPT Presentation, Pictures, Dialogue Sheets, Two-Sided Face Sign and Board Markers AIMS & OBJECTIVES 1. Students will be able to communicate in the target language. 2. Students will be able to use daily-life speech. 3. Students will be able to make some short conversations. 4. Students will be able to describe people or objects by using adjectives. 5. Students will be able to learn opposite adjectives. 6. Students will be able to learn the importance of facial experiences. 7. Students will be able to overcome their stage frights with supporting activities. PROCEDURE STAGE 1 PRESENT (First Activity) Firstly, the teacher presents the words with the help of PPT Presentation. I think that PPT Presentations and Flashcards have same features, so I prefer PPT presentations, because they are money and time saving tools for me. Students give their attention to the words and they learn the meaning of these adjectives without any Turkish word. The important point is to show picture first and asks students to speak about the picture and then we should show the written adjective. Then the teacher asks students which words that they have learned and writes them on the board and wants students to speak and give examples related to these adjectives. STAGE 2 PRACTICE (Second Activity) After PPT Presentation, The teacher shows students some pictures and sentences and wants student to explain the picture and fill in the blanks of these sentences. So they can repeat, practice and memorize the adjectives again. Then they play a story game, the teacher shows students a picture which has different objects. And every object reflects an adjective. For instance; a princess is beautiful, a witch is ugly, a smiling face is happy and a rabbit is fast. The teacher shows this picture and wants

2. MBERRA GLEK 3/A - 10131040 students divided into six groups and write a story about this picture by using adjectives and then she or he wants them to share in front of the classroom to overcome their stage fright. He or She gives them 5 10 minutes. STAGE 3 PRODUCE (Third Activity) Finally the teacher asks students to be divided into three groups again and gives a dialogue to every group. These are three different small talk dialogues. Their content is the same but the sentences are different. So students can see the differences between the sentences and how the adjectives are used. Then the teacher wants students perform these dialogues by using role-play. When they perform their dialogues the teacher holds a two-face sided sign. One side is smiling face and the other side is crying face. These faces reflect two adjectives. They are happy and sad. When the teacher shows sad face students should act like they are sad, when he or she shows the other side students should act like they are really happy. So when they perform, they also play a funny game. It will encourage them to share so their emotions or feeling in front of their friends. P.S: Actually I thought that, before the lesson, the teacher can ask students to bring a photo which they like and at the end of the class, if they have time, students can share the story of their photos and can describe their photos by using adjectives, because I believe that if students share some parts of their life with their friends, the classroom atmosphere will change in a good way. REFERENCES 1. THE PRIMARY ENGLISH TEACHERS GUIDE 2. http://www.eslfast.com/robot/topics/smalltalk/smalltalk06.htm