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Honoria Starbuck Ph.D. Teaching PortfolioArt Institute of AustinSummer 2010Courses: Life Drawing and Anatomy and Life Drawing and GestureMedia Arts and Animation Department

Text of Teaching Portfolio 2010

  • Life Drawing and Gesture Student Work 2010

    Art Ins:tute of Aus:n Honoria Starbuck Teaching PorAolio

  • Contents

    Midterm work with quotes from students ar:st statements

    Drawing and cri:que ac:vi:es Group shots of students in classroom with drawings


  • Teaching Philosophy

    As a student-focused teacher my goal is to foster individual and collabora-ve crea-vity. My teaching style is to build a classroom learning community with group dynamics that support the success of all students to achieve course competencies. These dynamics build responsibility and professional communica:on skills as well as condence in drawing in a variety of techniques.

  • The most helpful thing has been emphasizing fast short 1 or 2-minute poses. It has helped me improve my sense of propor:on and accuracy in fast drawings.

  • Some:mes I forget the basic rule of simple to complex and it reects in the nal product of my drawings. However, in these examples, they represent my condence of u:lizing gesture drawing as the ini:al steps to crea:ng strong composi:on.

  • I feel like I captured the essence of the story in a highly eec:ve way. For my future work I plan to express myself in a variety of styles as opposed to just realism.

  • Good art comes to us at dierent :mes for dierent reasons. The more nished of the three is my favorite because I was able to really look and get my lights and darks in there to really deepen the piece. I plan to con:nue to grow and play with new media and new paper to see what I can come up with

  • The more I draw the closer I feel to my imagina:on, the more I feel like I am expressing myself. Recently I have begun to understand that art is not something I can control, its something I become.

    My next step as an ar:st is to focus not only on anatomy, but also on clothing and personality. I want to start crea:ng my go to characters and have a whole list of them, just having a party in my mind wai:ng to come out.

  • The exci:ng thing about art is that it speaks for itself. Art for me is just visual poetry.

  • Outside Drawing Ac:vity

    Chapter 6 of our textbook discusses rela:onships to character, story, and background.

    To ground the lesson the model posed outside and students incorporated nature and architectural elements into the drawings.

  • I had more room to draw! I felt freer!

    Can we go

    back ou

    tside to draw?

  • Poses with stories Model looking into a simulated pool. Students drew myth of narcissus femme version.

  • Textbook presenta:on ac:vity

    Student teams are responsible for presen:ng highlights of the weekly readings.

  • Sequence Drawing ac:vity Students experiment with dierent ways to indicate mo:on in sequence drawings.

  • Myth Illustra:on Ac:vity: Semester project Illustrate one labor of Hercules per week in two drawings emphasizing gesture.

  • Daily Cri:que Ac:vity Students apply the concepts of design fundamentals to build stronger life drawings.

    Every drawing is given serious considera:on as students use a checklist of elements of design to create meaningful cri:que of each others work.

  • Monster A`ack Ac:vity

    Students work together on large paper discarded from the photography studio.

    The model swoops down on students pretending to be a Valkyrie or Raptor forcing students to quickly draw from the worms view perspec:ve to capture essen:al gestural informa:on.

  • Large improv group drawing featuring a model with a raptor mask.

    Group drawing ac:vi:es get students close to each other to share crea:ve vision and techniques to interpret the story prompted by costumes or masks.

  • 3 layer drawing: Draw a gesture layer; then a contour layer, then a drama layer.

    One week, ader seeing the Hercules homework, a hydra head was the fourth layer.

  • Comprehensive drawing exams at mid-term and nal

    Exams for this class include Wri`en exam on textbook topics Drawing skills exam aligned with course objec:ves Presenta:on of the best 3 drawings from the rst or second half Wri`en ar:st statement presented to the group

  • Thank you for looking at this snapshot into my teaching techniques.

    A sincere and hearAelt apprecia:on of my students who always inspire me to expand my teaching poten:al.

    Honoria Starbuck Ph.D. hstarbuck@aii.edu