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Bavijesh Thaliyil M.Ed, Dept. Of Education, University of Kerala Teaching Methods

Teaching methods

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Bavijesh ThaliyilM.Ed, Dept. Of

Education,University of Kerala

Teaching Methods

Page 2: Teaching methods

The Developmental Method

It is a modification of problem solving methodBased on the Herbartian school of thought

preparation presentation, comparison, Generalisation application.

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The Developmental Method - Advantages

It gives training in the solution of problems.

There is constant interaction between the teacher and pupils.

The method is in accordance with the psychological principles of teaching.

The method arouses interest, stimulates thinking and cultivate scientific attitude in pupils.

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The Developmental Method - Disadvantages

Pupils are not given opportunities for developing laboratory skills.

It involves much more work on the part of teacher.The method is not child centered method.

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Supervised Study

More emphasis on development of skills, learning process

It gives a clear cut idea on what to study and how to study

It helps to bring the pupils into intimate contact with the teacher and learning process


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Tasks of Supervised Study

Give assignments for proper practice of reading

Solutions of mathematics and science problems, interpretation of graphs,pictures etc

Observation of museum meterials and field trips

Self use of laborotary for problem solving

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Supervised study - Advantages

Its enables the teacher to give individuals attention.The pupils get through training in study habits

It gives the child training in the effective use of library and gives the opportunity to judge the soundness of statments given in the text books.

It makes the child responsible and self reliant.

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Supervised study - Disadvantages

It requires good library and laboratory and good reading rooms.

The method requires additional teachers.

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Guided Discovery Method

It helps students to learn how to learn.

In this method pupils are carefully directed down a particular path along which they are called upon to discover regularities and solutions on their own.

Page 10: Teaching methods

Guided Discovery Method steps




Page 11: Teaching methods

Guided Discovery Method- Advantages

It helps the students to become more autonomous, self directed and self responsible for their own learning.It enhances the development of intellectual

capacities and problem solving.

It enhances motivation,interest, and satisfaction and is more meaningful and result in better retention.

It minizes verbal learning and give more time to the student to assimilate and accumulate information.

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Guided Discovery Method- Disadvantages

Science teachers are not properly trained to guide students through discovery learning.

It takes more time than receptive learning.

Diffculties are encountered by students especially slow leaners.

Many of the expected benefits of discovery learning do not show up in regular achievement test.

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