Teaching and Learning in mathematics

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<ul><li> 1. Mr. Dori Lal Chaudhary (Asstt. Professor) Department - TT&amp;NFE (IASE) Faculty of Education, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi-25 Effective Teaching &amp; Learning in Mathematics </li> <li> 2. MYTHS ABOUT MATHEMATICS Many of us used to say that students ignore mathematics because they feared from it and hence dont take mathematics after 10th class, but one important fact, that is very critical, is that if it is so; then why they used to take admission in commerce stream, while course of both the commerce and science stream is same! Moreover, the number of admissions in science stream, B.Tech, B.Sc., B.Sc.Math (H); in last few years, shows an ascending graphical picture. They are taking interest and are aware about it. So, conditions are not so fearful or negative, as we are narrating or trying to prove to be! However, some students (especially girls) feel some hesitation/fear regarding, studying mathematics; but it is also due to our low-quality teaching- learning processes and also due to neutralized and inattentive nature of primary and secondary school teachers! I hope that there will be an enormous increment in the number of mathematicians, if we would modify, justifiably, our classroom environment </li> <li> 3. WHY? Why the children, even having 85-90% marks, are not selected or failed to pass competitive exams! They know, very well, that (A+B)2 = A2 + B2 +2AB; (A-B) (A+B)=A2 B2; AREA OF TRIANGLE = 1/2 (BASE)(HEIGHT); but they dont know that why, or how is it so? Teachers used to teach mathematics by a common old-fashioned method. This leads to a condition, where most of the children are unable to understand the respective topics or concepts. When we, our selves have a keen desire to eat different types of delicious food for each day; then why do we expect from such small children that they will take interest or enjoy the same teaching-learning method for each topic? Since, they do not enjoy the classroom environment; we fail to have any positive and successful learning by them. We should encourage children to take part as well as interest in teaching-learning process so that they learn mathematics with enjoyment and can implement it in their daily life. Then, only we can bring out a MATHEMATICIAN from a child. </li> <li> 4. EXAMPLE-1: AREA OF TRIANGLE = BASE HEIGHT A D B C Area of this rectangle = 32 sqs. = (8 4) sqs. = (length breadth) sqs. On halving the rectangle: Its area = 32/2 sqs. = 16 sqs. So, area of Triangle ABC = 16 sqs. = (8 4) sqs. = (base height) sqs. Or area of Triangle DAB = 16 sqs. = (4 8) sqs. = (base height) sqs. </li> <li> 5. EXAMPLE-2: AREA OF PARALELLOGRAM A D A D A D B C B B C C B C Therefore, AREA OF PARALELLOGRAM = AREA OF RECTANGLE = length breadth = l b </li> <li> 6. EXAMPLE-3:ADDING OF FRACTION Children find themselves unable to digest the statement in like fractions, only numerator will sum up, not denominator. We can clarify this by an activity: [1/4] [2/4] [3/4] Hence, we have only to sum up water (numerator), not glass (denominator) because denominator is only a referencing object or number, which is describing the value or quality of our expected part (numerator/water). So, it is not important for us that students memorize every formula in a few seconds, but it is important that every student must be able to derive any formula in few seconds in the condition when he or she forgets it. </li> <li> 7. Learning is a verbal and behavioral change or modification, whose source is our experience. Positive and successful use of learned skills, knowledge or training, completes the process of learning. Successful and positive learning will be done only when we create such condition in which children will learn naturally, even after knowing its importance and also when they will use it in their daily life. Develop such technologies that can lead to a better classroom environment so, that students can enjoy their education period. Although, caltoonz and use of ICT in education. </li> </ul>


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