Tbex 2013 Toronto How to Build Effective Instagram Strategy

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Tbex 2013 Toronto How to Build Effective Instagram Strategy featuring Katja Presnal Community Track

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  • 1.KATJA PRESNAL Owner of Skimbaco Lifestyle onlinemagazine Author of Instagram as your Guide to theWorld How, What and Who to Followand Search on Instagram to Help YouTravel The World Addy Award Winning Social Media Strategist Worked with some of the largest consumerbrands and retailers in the world.WORKED WITH/FEATURED IN

2. ABOVE ALL: A TRAVELER@skimbaco on Twitter and on Instagram. Use #TBEX to tweet this session. 3. WHY INSTAGRAM? 100 Million Users Integration with Twitter, Facebook,Foursquare and Tumblr. Travel hashtags among the popularhashtags. Geo-location tags add images to yourlocation Tagging allows your brand being tagged byconsumers. Travel community uses Instagram 4. A PICTURE IS WORTHTHOUSAND WORDS 5. COMMUNITY & DISCOVERY Community drivennetwork Discovery and passionfor photography For brands: findingexisting audience anddiscover new New type of influencer Not always yourdemographic Its about discovery 6. UNEXPECTED INFLUENCERS 7. HOW TO BUILDINSTAGRAM STRATEGY? No one right way to create the strategy. Pickyour own. Goals: setting measurable goals acrossdepartments. Your Instagram stream should reflect yourbrand visually. User generated content vs. your own content. Instagram as a channel or a tool to distributefrom. Internal or external team to manage it. 8. INSTAGRAM = YOUR BRAND= YOUR STORY IN PICTURES 9. ENGAGE THE COMMUNITY User generated content is the best way tosell your location or brand. Create your own hashtag, educate theconsumer to use it. Promote the content from community. Do it for fun of sharing, instead of as atraditional marketing campaign (like asweepstake). Work with travelers and bloggers onInstagram. 10. INTERACTIVE INSTAGRAM SCREEN IN THE HOTEL LOBBYAT Le MERIDIEN BALI JIMBARAN 11. CREATE A FUN PROP LIKE THE FRAME IN MONTREALPhoto: JustTravelous 12. FEATURE CONTENT LIKE ICELANDAIR IN THEONBOARD MAGAZIN 13. INTEGRATE WITH YOUR WEBSITE, FACEBOOK, TUMBLR,PINTEREST ETC. LIKE VISIT NORWAY 14. USER-GENERATED VS.CREATED CONTENT User-generated-content-accounts tend to dowell on Instagram. Even with user-generated content youmaintain control of your account and it willbe easier to be managed by external team. However, self-created content more instantand with better attention to the detail whentelling more about the picture. Self-generated content can be geo-tagged. 15. User-generated content examples. See Australia and Visit Norway. 16. WORK WITH INFLUENCERS Jump start/improve your Instagrampresence by working with Instagraminfluencers. Hire people to create content on youraccount, theirs or combination. Create a seed campaign toimprove/provoke consumer action. 17. EXAMPLE: VISUAMATE CAMPAIGN FOR SOUTH-AFRICA, STARTED IN AP#suedafrika_erleben_contest1,000 photos, increased by 3,700 followers.MORE AT suedafrika-erleben.tumblr.com 18. EXAMPLE: Canadian Tourism Commission #ExploreCanada campaignleading to TBEX. 19. QUESTIONS? 20. Connect: Katja Presnal @skimbacokatja.presnal@skimbaco.comGet Free copy of my bookhttp://bit.ly/tbexinstagram