Target Students Throughout The Enrollment Cycle with Inbound Marketing

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1. Target Students Throughout The Enrollment Cycle with INBOUND MARKETING A publication of 2. Prospective students now rely on the web as their primary source of research. Not only has this changed how school must get students into their admissions funnel, but also how they must market to them throughout the enrollment cycle. The Way People Research Schools Has Changed. 3. This new research process has rendered traditional marketing eorts like direct mail, radio, tv, and print ads less eective than ever. 86% skip TV ads 91% unsubscribe from email 44% of direct mail isnt opened 200M on the Do Not Call list 4. So how can institutions reach prospective students? 5. Thats where inbound comes in. If institutions want to connect with their audience today, they have to update the way they market and sell. 6. To attract students, institutions must provide them with something they will love. 7. A pros and cons template for students to use when weighing their education options A list of tips for college admissions interview prep The Ultimate High School Seniors Dos and Donts guide Live webinars to preview a course or lecture Or whatever else your imagination can dream up! For example 8. To keep this content relevant you need to map out: Who your prospective students are1 2 Where they are in the decision process 3 What value you can provide them at each of these unique stages 9. Luckily, theres a tool for that. 10. Introducing: The Buyers Journey 11. Introducing: The Buyers Journey The active research process a buyer goes through leading up to a purchase. 12. Introducing: The Buyers Journey Prospect had now clearly dened and given a name to their problem or opportunity. Prospect has now decided on their solution strategy, method, or approach. Prospect is experiencing and expressing symptoms of a problem or opportunity. 13. Notice how well the Buyers Journey lines up with the Enrollment Cycle ? 14. What programs do I want to study? Where do I want to attend school? Which institution do I want to apply to? Where should I enroll? Do I want to go to college/grad school? Do I need a college/ grad school degree? JUNIOR RISING SENIOR SENIOR 15. Now we just need a plan of attack for each stage of the journey 16. 1. AWARENESS ! 17. Blogging, SEO, and Social. Drive trac to your site by consistently creating keyword rich content that is specic to your programs, campus, professors, etc. This content can live on your website or blogboth of which should be mobile optimized for better usability and SEO. Promote this content on social media to attract new visitors who may not nd your site via search. Awareness 18. Example 1. SEO: Intentionally index in search results for relevant keywords 2. Blog/Content: Content that contains keywords and valuable information to inform your reader 19. 2. CONSIDERATION 20. Offers, Emails, and Nurturing Gain valuable information from prospects by exchanging content oers for personal information like name, email address, and intended area of study. Use this self-identied data, alongside on-site behavior, to serve additional content via personalized emails. Continue to inform prospects throughout their buyers journey by providing them with more information and resources that aid in their decision process. Consideration 21. Example 1. Blog post: attracts the reader and houses the call-action 2. Call-to-action to download an ebook: means of transporting the reader 3. Landing page: capture personal information 22. 3. DECISION 23. Emails and Site content Use initial information from readers to send them additional relevant content that informs their ultimate decision process. Ask for incremental information as you continue to deliver these valuable oers. Taylor the content on your website based on this self- identied information, in addition to the actions a contact has previously taken on your site or emails. Decision 24. A user visiting your site fort he rst time seed a blog post with the Call-to-action (CTA) Download our Free Ebook! After downloading that ebook, and attending a webinar however, the CTA they see now reads, Apply Now Example 25. Seems simple enough, right? 26. With a little bit of know-how, and the right tools, it can be. Ready to learn more about how your school can use inbound to increase applications? 27. presents: Increase Applications and Reduce Marketing Costs Through Inbound Marketing. JULY 1ST | 2:30 EST CLICK HERE to save your seat With Leigh Fitzgerald Education Inbound Marketing Specialist


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