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Cristy de Sousa PontesCounselor in Training The YMCA of San Francisco University Camp YMCASummer 2015

Internship Info

University Camp YMCA.Hamilton- Novato, CA.12 paid staff, 8 interns for the camp, plus 6 teachers. 26 people total. We are a volunteer mission-driven organization charged with building strong kids, strong families and strong communities by enriching the lives of all people in spirit, mind and body.The goal that the Y focuses is the Youth Development, Healthy Lifestyles and Social Responsibility.

Education What it takes to be successful at the YMCA You need to be patienceHave energyBe respectfulHave communication and be understanding Types of education and certification needed Early childhood Education (ece) up to 12 units CPR and First Aid

Common Salary Depends on the experience and location It can starts at $10.50 per hourSignificant amount of experience can earn up to $16 per hour Alternative jobs for the field of Human services Child care Worker Counselor Social service Assistant Social worker and Case manager

My RoleRole and ResponsibilitiesMake sure the children are safe Give instructions to games Supervise activities Give support to the other counselors Be the role model

Purpose To gain experience upon working with people with different ages Learn more about the area of Education Work on leadership abilitiesBe more interacted Improve communication

Accomplishments Internship accomplishmentsprogress with leadership skills by being able to lead the children with their activities became friends with co-workers and the kids Arrive before timekept all my attention on the kidsThings my supervisor might say about me That I am reliable That I am caring That I know what I am doing and takes directions well.

Skills LearnedActing with diligence has help me with my internship because I often times asked clarifying questions about what we are doing next, if the counselors needed my help with any other thing and how to handle situations which was necessary. I learned how important was to be dedicated, because when I was working with the children they wanted me to play games with them and I was right on willing to interact with them.

My Successes I learn that working with kids can be fun, but also very tired, you have to be very patient and be able to listen and I think I work that out, because my supervisor didnt complain about me and I often ask if she liked my work.I had a productive summer, I meet new people, improve some of my skill, got to work with some amazing kids and teach them Portuguese, did work very well but they remember how to say hi.

Areas of Growth

My weakness was with communication, because sometimes I can be a little too shy, I knew I needed to work on it and I feel like I did because I ask a lot question and talk to all the kids that I was working with I asked for help when I needed it, I still think I can work on it a bit more. Also I improve on remembering peoples name, but the end of the first week I was able to know most of their names.

Whats Next?Get a internship in the health department.Future plan is to become a Orthodontist My internship did not help me get close to my long term goal, first because to become a orthodontist take a little longer then a teacher assistant and require more level of education.

Advice Dont be afraid to interact with the kids.Be Positive Be the role model