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  • 1. Success Stories

2. Eric Mark Olson & Evan Behlivanis 3. Eric Mark Olson & Evan BehlivanisThe IdeaHigh quality feedback from student to student without adults listening. The Tools iPad The Ladder of Feedback 4. The Ladder of Feedback 4. Suggest: Make suggestions forimproving the work 3. Concerns: Comment on yourconcerns about the work 2. Value:Comment on the strengths of the work 1. Clarify: Ask questions ofclarification about thework being reviewedPerkins, D. (2003) 5 5. Eric Mark Olson & Evan BehlivanisThe Takeaway Video cameras presence motivated students. Camera also made students accountable.Ladder of Feedback structured the conversation. 6. Suzanne Lamberg & Marcea Daiter 7. Suzanne Lamberg & Marcea DaiterThe IdeaStudents establish clear personal goals early in the year. The Tools iPad An adult or peer to act as interviewer 8. Interview Series #1 Video will go here 9. Suzanne Lamberg & Marcea Daiter The TakeawayCameras presence made students step back and think.Interviewers role is simply to get the student thinking and talking.Goals set at the beginning of the year can be revisited later. 10. Josh Millis & Denise Martinez 11. Josh Millis & Denise Martinez The IdeaQuick, frequent feedback from teacher to every student.The Tools iPadPenUltimate App One hour of prep between classes 12. Josh Millis & Denise MartinezThe Takeaway When used strategically, paper printouts can help. Students have a record of teachers comments they can look back on. Formative Assessment shapes the process during the process.This process can be repeated over & over-- feedback in small increments. 13. Beata Moon & Judith Hudson 14. Beata Moon & Judith Hudson The IdeaHigh quality feedback from student to student.The ToolsiPad Rubric 15. PS 133 Video will go here 16. Beata Moon & Denise Martinez The TakeawayA visible rubric keeps the conversation structured and specific.Over time, big improvements in both the performance itself and the quality of feedback. 17. Success Stories:Share yours with us!