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Style sheet

Fonts One of the many fonts for the front cover have decided to use isSegoe print. The reason that I have chosen to use this font is because it is fun and classic. It fits what style I want my magazine to be which has certain elements of fun and originality, also would like to give a classic style to the magazine. This therefore gives a professional look which I want a high quality magazine, because my target market is that of the higher class. I feel that being classy it gives the unique and fun side which I also want to incorporate into my magazine. This particular font will grab the attention of the readers eye which I feel is one of the most important things to grab the readers attention and get them intrigued in the magazine and once they have picked it up will make the reader want to buy the magazine to read it.

Fonts The fonts I have chosen for my double page spread is Bookman old style. This is the font style of all my text on my double page spread. I have chosen to use one style as it gives a professional feel to the magazine. This therefore gives a uniform not amateur feel.

Fonts For my contents page, the font I have chosen for my title is Niagara solid. This is the same font as my cover page, this shows that the font style flows threw out, brining a uniform set of fonts. The reason for this is because its bold and clear. The writing is simple to read and easy to understand. By making the font clear and not making it fancy the readers will not get confused. The fonts for the writing is also Niagara solid. It is a fun and youthful font. It grabs the readers eyes and draws them in.

Colour scheme of others magazine The colour scheme of my music magazine is going to be subtle but eye catchy. I want it to stand out form the crowd and be different. Normally pop music magazine are bold and bright , which are more focused on they younger female market. For example this ;

This pop magazine for example is bright colourful and in your face. The medium close up of Brittany spears covers the hole front cover which draws the attention straight to her. You can clearly tell its going to be about her. There are also sub images dotted around the front cover, this shows the reader what they will expect to find inside on the other pages. The colour scheme is clearly for girls and for the young girls. The bright purple and pink all match together. This id effective to grab the attention of the younger girls market and really does this job well of incising them.

These are other examples of front covers of the pop music magazine. They are all similar pink bright girly colours.

Colour scheme of my front cover for my music magazine My colour scheme of my music magazine is going to be subtle. It is still going to be heavily focused on girly colours however they are going to be less bright and more older classic colours. The colour scheme of my magazine front cover is going to be pink. I will be keeping a subtle tone throughout. The colours will match the surrounding images giving a tight professional feel , which will appeal to my older female target market. By making it less bright it takes away the tackiness and the cheesiness of the young girl pop music magazine. Standing out form the rest in a new and different way.

For example this

Colour scheme for my contents page My colour scheme for my contents page is going to be a bit brighter than my cover page. This is because this tells the reader what is in the magazine and how to navigate around the magazine and were to go. The colour scheme will still be similar to my front cover to show that they are the same magazine however I want it to be brighter colours to stand out.

For example

Colour scheme for my double spread The colour scheme for my double spread is going to keep up with the rest of my music magazine. It will reflect my target market of the older females. Like my contents and cover page it will be girly with an older female feel or subtle less bright pinks, purples, reds, light blues. All the colour will match the surroundings and keep an older classic feel. The title will stand out and be a different font to the other text so they know exactly what they are reading or going to read.

For example