Structuralism, post structuralism and deconstruction

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  • 1. Structuralism first appeared in academia in 19th century. Word Structuralism was first used by Edward B. Titchener. Then in 20th century, Ferdinand Saussure was the provocateur of reappearance of structuralism. Many were influenced by Saussures course.
  • 2. In structuralism critic is secondary to the writer. Critic reads literature as a cultural production. Structuralism in literary criticism is an approach to the analyzing the narrative material. Novelty value of a literary text can lie only in new structures.
  • 3. Language is not transparent medium. Language is a structure or code. Post-structuralism claim to know only the impossibility of this knowledge. Post-structuralism All signifieds are also signifiers.
  • 4. Deconstruction is a theory of reading which questions and claims to Subvert or Underline the assumption that the system of language provides. A deconstructive reading sets out to show the conflicting forces within the text itself. Derrida What matters is the reading not writing of text. Reader rules the supreme and the validity of his reading can not be challenged.
  • 5. In any given text only free play of meaning. Word explains another word. It does not exist. A text is just all words.
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