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Story academic vocabulary

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This slide presentation is chock full of Common Core State Standards Writing, Language and Speaking and Listening Standards. It include lesson plans to push understanding further. Story academic vocabulary words include words like foreshadowing, 5 story elements for a great story, images, imagery, and figurative language. This presentation is a fabulous way to introduce story academic vocabulary and takes the lesson further. Please like us and share on your favorite social media.

Text of Story academic vocabulary

  • 1. Academic Vocabulary Fiction Vocabulary for Story Building (includes lesson plans)
  • 2. I can discover, define and assimilate the academic vocabulary for writing a great fiction story.
  • 3. Elements of a Story What are the basic parts to a great story?
  • 4. Take out a sheet of Cornell Note Paper TOPIC: Story Academic Vocabulary ESSENTIAL QUESTION: What are the academic vocabulary words for a story, and how can I use them when writing a fiction story?
  • 5. Story Map Vocabulary Exposition (Basic Situation) Rising Action Climax Falling action Resolution
  • 6. More Story Academic Vocabulary Copy these in your notes leaving room for definitions and examples Foreshadowing Predictions Inferences Conflict Flashback Protagonist Antagonist Figurative Language Imagery First Person Point of View (P.O.V.) Third Person Limited P.O.V. Third Person Omniscient P.O.V.
  • 7. DIRECTIONS: Using your Literature Books, dictionaries or any resources available to you, look up each of these words. Then to show your understanding, you must put the definitions in your own words and tell what each one means. Finally, we will be presenting these to the class to compare and come up with our class definitions.
  • 8. It is now Student Work Time
  • 9. Presentations Students will share out their definitions, decide on classroom definitions and have one student write these in their best handwriting to make copies to distribute to the whole class.
  • 10. Optional Quick Write You may have noticed the picture in the background. The full color photo is on the next slide.
  • 11. What is her story?
  • 12. Optional Quick Write Instructions Using the story map from slide 6, write a story about this photo. Is this photo from the beginning of your story? Is it during the resolution? Is it part of the rising action or the climax? Where did she come from? What is she doing there? Why is she all alone? What is she waiting for? Why is she waiting for it? Whats in her bags? Whats she like? What is the setting? You decide. This is your story.
  • 13. Optional Share Out Present your story to the class We will develop speaking and listening norms for students to follow (Meets Common Core State Standards for Speaking and Listening)
  • 14. Meets the following Common Core State Standards Language 4, 5, & 6 Writing 3, 4, 5 & 9 Speaking and Listening 1 & 5
  • 15. 2013 Permission granted for classroom use.
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