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Paula Bishop, Espar Climate Systems, gave an overview of the available idle reduction technologies for fleets!

Text of Stop Idling. Start Saving! Idle Reduction Webinar - Espar Climate Systems Presentation

  • 1. DRIVING THE MOBILITY OF TOMORROW Espar Idle Reduction Solutions Idle Reduction Webinar Stop Idling & Start Saving June 10, 2014 Paula Bishop, Manager Transportation & Environmental Affairs

2. Espar Products, Inc. Who Is Espar? Espar offers fuel-operated heaters for engine pre-heat & supplemental cabin heat for automotive, trucks, buses, large construction equipment, military equipment, and emergency vehicles. Espar heaters provide engine pre-heating and warmth for drivers without prolonged engine idling. Espar fuel-operated heaters do not require any plug in. Espar heaters operate with on-board fuel--gasoline, diesel, blends, bio-diesel, or natural gas and a small amp draw on the vehicle battery. Espar sell equipment to several OE manufacturers for installation on new vehicles as well as sales of heaters through a wide dealer network for aftermarket installation on almost any vehicle or equipment. 2014 / 2 3. Espar Products, Inc. Who Is Espar? ESPAR heaters are listed on the EPA website as a verified idle reduction technology. ESPAR heaters earned CARB approval California Air Resources Board--industry standard for low emissions ULEVII Espars new controllers, Multi Max F-1000 & Digi Max D-1000 were recognized as top ten new products for 2012. 2014, Heavy Duty Trucking honored Espar with the 14 Top 20 Award for the new Airtronic NG Commercial heater (natural gas) 2014 / 3 4. Espar Products, Inc. 2013 / 4 Heaters and Solutions for a Wide Variety of Applications 5. Espar Products, Inc. . Why Do Drivers Idle Diesel Engines? Drivers Idle The Engine: To Pre-Heat The Engine and Defrost Before Driving To Make Sure Engine Will Start When Needed While Waiting in the Cab of Vehicle or Equipment To Get Heat in the Bunk While Sleeping . From Habits That May Be Hard To Break 2014 Page / 5 6. Espar Products, Inc. Whats Wrong With Idling? Fleet Expenses Related to Idling Vehicles* *Information from a major engine manufacturer Fuel Consumption Diesel engines consume about one gallon of fuel per hour Maintenance Idling results in inefficient combustion, increasing soot-load downstream into after treatment After treatment plugs requiring regeneration, burning more fuel to clean DPF of soot load Increased regeneration decreases life of catalyst filters costing over $1,000 each Durability decreased life of these parts Fan clutch, air compressor, belts, idler pulleys, alternator, water pump, turbo injectors, after treatment exhaust system, air cleaners, and EGR valves Pollution Idling causes unnecessary pollution and poor public image for fleet 2014 / 6 7. Espar Products, Inc. 2014 / 7 Idle Reduction Saves Dollars Sleeper Truck Example: Diesel fuel costs $4 per gallon* Idling consumes approximately one gallon per hour Idling for 8 hours per night for heat while driver sleeps Cost $32 per night to idle the truck (fuel only) 120 average cold nights per year $3,840 cost of fuel used to idle one truck per cold season THE FIGURES MAY CHANGE But the message remains the same IDLE REDUCTION SAVES BIG DOLLARS *US national average diesel $3.918 on 6/2/14/14 A Fuel Sipper The Espar D2 Bunk heater on medium heat consumes 0.037 gallons per hour = $1.16 of fuel in 8 hours Idling Calculator 8. Espar Products, Inc. Weighs only 7 pounds and is about the size of a loaf of bread Has four-speeds and air circulation mode for a wider range of operator comfort Provides comfort -- maintaining desired warmth, eliminating vibration and engine noise, plus improving air quality. Up to 7,500 BTU of clean comfortable heat On medium setting uses only .04 gallon per hour and about as much voltage as a single marker light Can be serviced without removal from the truck Reduces the number of APU engine-on hours for cab heat Air heaters are available for gasoline, diesel, and natural gas (CNG & LNG) EPA SmartWay Verified and CARB Approval (D2, D4 & D5) Espar -- Airtronic D2 Bunk Heater 2014 / 8 9. Espar Products, Inc. Natural Gas Air Heater NG2400 Comparison to D2 Espar Diesel Air Heater D2 NG2400 Diesel Natural Gas Heat Output 7,500 8,190 BTU Fuel Consumption High Mode 0.06 0.06 Gal/Hr. Low Mode 0.02 0.03 Gal/Hr. Power Consumption High Mode 1.8 1.1 Amps Low Mode 0.67 0.6 Amps Air Flow Rate 49 45.9 CFM Unit Weight 5.9 10.4 Lbs. Natural Gas is about half the price of diesel At highway speed, NG engines are very fuel efficient At idle they consume between 1.5 to 2 times more fuel than diesel (DFE) Limited fuel capacity makes maintaining range an important factor to fleets Preventing excessive idling and fuel consumption should help fleets adopts NG 3-Year warranty on NG2400 from Espar Effectively the cleanest heater available Operates much like a furnace in your home Currently available through systems installers 2014 / 9 10. Espar Products, Inc. State of the Art Espar Airtronic Bunk Heater Controller 2013 / 10 Manually control the operation of the heater heating the cab to the desired temperature Buttons to select LVD (low voltage disconnect), run-time limiter, and preventative maintenance scheduler Diagnostic feature displays short description of fault code Display LCD screen, 2 LED indicators, and 3 buttons User-friendly operation with advanced features designed by listening to the voice of the customer 2014 / 10 11. Espar Products, Inc. Available for engine pre-heating (also capable of engine and fuel pre-heating or engine, bunk and fuel heating) Up to 17,100 BTU of clean comfortable heat Uses as little as .08 gallon per hour Circulates coolant so the entire block is warmedno plug in required Automatic controllers allow the engine to be at optimum operating temperature when the driver arrives Helps increase productivity and reduce system wear EPA SmartWay Verified and CARB Approved Built in safety features for worry-free operation Espar Hydronic 5 Coolant Heater 2014 / 11 12. Espar Products, Inc. State of the Art Espar Hydronic Controllers 2013 / 12 Multi-Max F1000 is best suited to the needs of a fleet Both controllers able to program up to 4 events per day Both controllers include diagnostic codes Both controllers have programmable LVD, Runtime Limiter, and Preventative Maintenance Scheduler Fleet tested and proven technology with advanced features designed by listening to the voice of the customer Multi-Max F2000 offers an LCD screen and more control for owners/operators 2014 / 12 13. Espar Products, Inc. 2014 / 13 Coolant heaters are commonly installed on school buses to reduce idle, reduce pollution, reduce fuel consumption, and improve interior warmth. Available in 17,500 btu and 42,000 btu models. Heaters From Espar! 14. Espar Products, Inc. The GRIP System The GRIP Idle Management System (Governor to Reduce Idle & Pollution) manages and reduces the time a vehicle spends idling. When a vehicle is idling and in PARK, GRIP transfers operation from the engine to the battery. GRIP works with the vehicles Controller Area Network (CAN) making decisions to shut the engine off --then turn engine on to recharge the batteries as needed. Benefits of Using GRIP Reduced engine idling Reduced pollution Reduced maintenance required on engine and system due to parts wear Able to maintain interior comfort Able to continue operation of lights and auxiliary equipment 2013 / 142014 / 14 15. Espar Products, Inc. The GRIP System Key Features Interior vehicle temperature and battery voltage monitored & maintained, Option for Espar heater , auxiliary air conditioning , anti-theft Only powers-off the engine while vehicle is in PARK or neutral gear Vehicle safety systems auxiliary equipment remain active Connecting system to a computer allows diagnostics and analysis Programmable to meet individual fleet needs Easy to Install Recycling program--GRIP can be re-installed in another vehicle Easily mounted, harnesses are clearly marked, Plug-and-Play connection 2013 / 152014 / 15 16. Espar Products, Inc. The GRIP System Able to download idling data from GRIP that will be placed in EXCEL Vehicle Operations: Percentage comparison of actual operating time, idling time and the monitoring time that the GRIP system has kept the vehicle off Static Vehicle Analysis: actual idle vs. the time vehicle is in Park or Neutral as a percentage Idling Analysis: where existing idle comes from--air conditioning, battery charging, or unknown Idle Time Comparison: chart compares actual idling in hours with the idle removed by the GRIP system as well as what the idling would have been if the GRIP was not installed. Operator Contribution to Idle: hours the operator allowed idling by overriding the shut down Fuel Reduction: chart shows reduction of fuel in gallons. Fuel Savings: chart shows gallons of fuel saved by the GRIP system. Engine Wear Reduction: A statistic measure of the equivalent wear and tear reduction on the engine based on the reduced operation at idle. CO2 Savings: Based on the national figures . chart is a comparison of actual C02 produced versus what has been removed by the GRIP system. 2013 / 162014 / 16 17. Espar Products, Inc. 2014 / 17 Vehicles -- Warm Engine Starts Benefits- Less requirement for jump starts Less driver concern that vehicle engine will start Less wear on parts and problems associated with cold engine starts Less public image issues from idling noise and smoke Less pollution from idling and starting a cold engine Less Idling & More Productivity 18. Espar Products, Inc. Espar Heaters Make Idle Reduction Possible Paula Bishop Espar Climate Control Systems Manager Transportation & Environmental Affairs Website Phone (502) 296-3557 Email Download product brochures 2014 / 18