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  • steadfastbetaUser Research

    08.17.2015Alec Levin, Co-Founder

    Prepared by

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    We talked with over 100 teachers

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    Overview Cont.


    25% 75%Urban

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    Overview Cont.

    Comprised of all grades and subjects.

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    What We Learned

    99%Use Online Resources

    in the classroom to teach.

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    Top Online Resources

  • steadfastbeta

    Top Online Resources Cont.

    There is no correlation between how long a teacher has been teaching, and whether or not they use

    online resources.

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    Top Problems Teachers Hope Tech Will Solve

    Level the playing field for struggling students

    Access to fun Kindergarten level resources in French

    Tools for ESL and special education

    Working remotely with students

    Share understanding with others outside classroom walls

    Analytics to track student learning

    Making traditional art more relevant to their everyday experience

    Providing more choice and autonomy to students

    Opportunity for parental contact

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