State Archives in Bratislava – Past – Present – Future

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Presentation of the State Archives in Bratislava by Lenka Pavlíková at the workshop "Österreichische Archive in Europa", 17th & 18th of October 2012 in the Austrian State Archives in Vienna

Text of State Archives in Bratislava – Past – Present – Future

  • 1. ARCHIVES IN EUROPEMgr. Lenka PavlkovMinistry of Interior of the Slovak RepublicState Archives in

2. STATE ARCHIVES IN BRATISLAVA PAST PRESENT - FUTURE 3. Ministry of Interiorof the SlovakRepublicSection of Public Administration Organization Economical Department Department Department of Department of general internal Department of offences administration ArchivesDepartment ofstate border Department ofadministration election and referendumDepartment ofSlovak National Archives commercialDepartment of coordination private enterpriseState Central Mining Archivesand modernization of publicadministration7 State Regional Archives38 branches of State Regional ArchivesArchives of the Capital of the SR Bratislava 4. STATE ARCHIVES IN BRATISLAVAGovernment decree no.29/1954 Coll.onArchives395/2002Coll. of Laws on Archives and Registries 5. territorial competence in districts of: Bratislava Trnava Trenn5 branches in: Modra Skalica aa Trenn Trnava 6. 1541 archival fonds and collections8902 running meters of documents210 archival aids4093,93 bm of accessible documents 7. in 1974 obtained storage space in the castle of Plaveck Podhradie 8. Bratislava County character of documents: military economic cultural socio 9. Archives of Marian province of Franciscans (1253 1918) 10. the collection of the parish and civil registers (1616 1895) 11. The main tasks of the archives:To : acquire archival documents protect archival documents make accessible archival documents execution of pre- archival care 12. execution of pre- archival caresurvey & controlsguidlines for record management systemdisposalstrainings, consultations, coaching 13. Reading room genealogy local history auxiliary historical sciences linguistics history of art history of education 14. The libraryKninica 22 000 volumes from 16.stor. 15. Das Buch der Cosmographen 1550 16. Fotoroom 17. Prstup k archvnym dokumentom 18. Prezentcia archvu 19. Thank you for your attention.