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  • 1.Stamped ConcreteOverlays: Choices of Texture,Patterns and Designs

2. Is your concrete patio looking a littleworse for wear? Are you looking for a way to add some zing to your pooldeck? Perhaps you want to check outyour options in cement interior floors for your home. 3. The answer to all of these problems andmany others is to understand whatspossible with stamped concrete overlays. Youll find that this option provides you with an incredible wealth ofchoices, including textures, patterns anddesigns. What should you know? (407)-423-3342 4. What Is an Overlay? 5. A concrete overlay is very simple itsa thin layer of material applied to thesurface of your existing concrete. The actual thickness will depend on thecondition of your existing (407)-423-3342 6. Damage like chips and cracks will needa thicker application in order to repairand hide them. Once installed, this overlay can be stamped, colored and shaped to add visual interest and better (407)-423-3342 7. In essence, stamped concrete overlayslet you get away from boring, bland concrete and create something beautiful and unique. 8. A Look at Your Options 9. As mentioned, stamped concrete overlays offer you a tremendous range of options when it comes to achieving the look andfeel that you want. Here are a few of your (407)-423-3342 10. Texture: Overlays can be textured in almostany way that you might want. For instance,you can texture it like wood, like cobbles orlike natural stone. It can be smooth and glossyor it can be nonslip and ideal for use around apool. It can be colored with a staining process, as (407)-423-3342 11. Patterns: Perhaps the greatest diversity in terms of options available can be found in the area of patterns for stamped concreteoverlays. Youll find that any type of patternyou might want can be applied. Do you like the look of natural brick? Perhaps youprefer natural stone. 12. Maybe you want a herringbone pattern. You might decide that you prefer the grainpattern of wood, or that slate is the idealchoice for your needs. Patterning issimple, easy and effective. When combinedwith the right texture and color choices, the results can be amazing. 13. Designs: Youre not limited to texturesand patterns alone. You can adddesigns to stamped concrete overlayswithout any problem. You might wantto consider designs like animals or (407)-423-3342 14. You might choose to go with something gothic or something Romanesque. Youmight want to match your homes existing aesthetic with unique designs andinteresting embellishments. All of this and much more can be achieved (407)-423-3342 15. The trick to getting stamped concreteoverlays that look great and stand thetest of time is to work with a reputable, experienced contractor. 16. While there are DIY kits on the market, andmore contractors than you can shake a stick at, its important that you understand theneed for professional skill with stamped concrete and staining. Whether yourelooking for a new driveway, new interior floors or a new patio, the right contractorcan help. 17. You can add spice and life withdifferent combinations of staining and patterning/stamping techniques. 18. Both offer an incredible range of possibilities, and they can be used inconjunction to help you achieve exactlythe look and feel that you want. Interms of colors, concrete can bestained almost any color you (407)-423-3342 19. This allows you to match the exteriorcolors of your home, or go for acontrasting color scheme if you want. Stamping is exactly what it soundslike, and allows you to embed designs within the concrete itself. 20. Design possibilities run the gamut fromthings like fleur-de-lis to patterningthat allows you to make decorativeconcrete mimic other materials (stone, brick, cobbles and even woodare popular options) (407)-423-3342 21. New Pour orResurface? (407)-423-3342 22. You have two choices when it comes to decorating concrete. You can choose tohave a new cement surface poured, which will require that any existing concrete bedemolished and removed first, or you can go with a resurfacing (407)-423-3342 23. Obviously, resurfacing is going to be the most affordable option, and isusually the better choice for (407)-423-3342