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Staëly’s Presentation

My movie idea…

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A little about my final idea…The title of me movie is ‘ Beneath The Core’ Tagline: A secret deep withinSub-genre: Slasher Synopsis: Psychopath, who had troubles as a child. She plays on both sides good and evil. She

is a police officer by day and a psycho killer by night which means she gets all the inside information on ‘ex-cons’. She kills specifically, anyone male with a criminal record…is a dead man walking. She tortures her victims in the most gruesome ways possible. These ex-cons have no idea why this is happening to them. The girls father was an ex-con, who beat her mother and treated her like she was worthless. One day the child that saw her mother get beats day after day, she murdered her father and that’s where the game begins. Where there are ex-cons there is blood spilt.

Opening setting: the past of the girl (flashback), from when her father used to beat her mother. Quick images of him hurting her, the girl screaming. Zoom into the psychos eyes in the past and then to the present, to see pure rage. Long shot of the psycho walking out of a school covered in blood. A quick flicker to the dead body left on the floor in a puddle of blood, that she had tortured. She gets into a police car and changes into her uniform and out of her bloody clothes, she turns on the sirens and starts to drive down the road.

Opening characters: child(female), father, mother, woman(psycho) and a mans dead body

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My other two movie ideas1. Vampire vs. ZombiesTagline: As the vampires arrive, the zombies all rise!Sub-genre: HorrorSynopsis: when there are vampires there are zombies, they fight for their prey (humans).

Natural born enemies. In the town of ‘Mist’ vampires one by one begin to arrive to hunt and kill but little did they know that zombies were in the area so a rival war awaits them. The humans have no clue what the night has lined up for them. The human are going to die either way, they will either become a vampire or zombie…OR be at the bottom of the food chain. It’s a fight for land and prey, where no human shall survive???

Opening characters: 1 vampire, few zombies, a human familyOpening setting: there is a 10 second close up on a vampire crouched on a tree trunk high up,

in the dark night. Then the setting is in a graveyard, outside where you see the ground pounding up, a close up on a zombie hand rising from beneath the ground. No sound, in a house there is a human family having dinner around the dinner table, eating, laughing and talking. Zombies walking out from the graveyard, scattered everywhere. A rivalry between two zombies and one vampire, a fight scene.

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Continued (movie ideas)2. Awaiting Your Death...Tagline: Do you feel death?Sub-genre: Slasher/supernatural horrorSynopsis: An evil spirit, in which no one sees, except for those that are about to die! Those

who even mention the spirits name will soon feel death within 48 hours. They will die in dreadful ways , so dreadful, so bizarre that people will never find out what it is and how to literally explain what is happening to the people of their town.

Opening characters: Spirit (watchers do not see the spirit), a female and friends, police officer

Opening setting: House. A group of 17-18 year old girls are having a sleepover, and they tell scary stories…one story gets told and they believe it is not true so one of the girls are dared to say the evil spirits name not knowing that she will die. Close up on the one girl who tells the story with background music. Then two days later. You see the girl get dragged up and down, quick flickers or her being a victim. Long shot of her dead body. Close up on the blood dripping from her eyes.

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List of equipment:. Camera~ school. Tri-pod~school. Computer~school. Make-up~home/shopIt is very unlikely that money will need to get spent on travel as my

locations are very close to one another, walking distance. Money will get spent on lunches…etc.

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Movie crew

Personnel required:. Camera man/woman. Director- Stael (me). Sounds. Music. Actors, female child and adult, adult male. Editor. Budget keeper. Costume/make-up designer

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My final script: the opening of my movie

Pro’s:. Angle shots included. Written in correct font. Has stage directions. Detailed opening

Con’s:. A bit short. More lines for the actors

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Health and safety risk assessment

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Peer assessment

Peer assessed by Mahamed Elmi

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Story Board

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My idea should be chosen…

My idea should be chosen because I feel that it is unique to have a main character who is a female, who leads a double life. She is a police officer and also a torturous murderer. Wouldn’t you like to find out more and see how this plays out? This movie would be interesting to see on film. And I will do my absolute best to try and make this movie a success and will make sure that I help whoever’s involved in my crew to fulfil their full potential. . Work hard, be determined, be positive and you shall succeed.

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Props and CostumesProps Costumes

Rope Female police uniform

Fake blood All black clothes- psycho

Fake Knife Jeans, jumper- ex con

Chair A long dress- mother

Tracksuit bottoms, an old t-shirt- father

Pyjamas- child (female)

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Potential Problems + Solutions

Problems Solutions

Equipment might get stolen Make sure the equipment is packed away safely where outsiders can’t see it

Crew/ cast may get ill or hurt Have medical help close by and have back up cast(actors) who can fill in for those that are too ill

Some people may not have money for food or drinks

Have drinks just in case and a few snacks from home

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Thank you for listening, I hoped you all enjoyed my presentation.