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Get a clear plastics folder and start building your child's home reading and spelling folder. All resources can be downloaded for free from the new RTT site ( or email New presentations to be downloaded shared daily! 'Every child reading and spelling with confidence BEFORE they enter Year 2!' Reading Whisperer

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2. / / / 3. Start withSpeech Sound pics envelopeSpeech Sound pics words envelopeHelpful words envelope / / / 4. First speech sound pics / / / 5. / / / 6. First speech sound pic wordsGreen level sound pic words (words created using their speech sound pics).Children need to know the parts of the word, not just the whole word. At first they sound out each word, beforeblending into the whole word. This helps the brain understand the process. Its the process that matters, notrecognising each word. Talk about the bottom three- the first sound pic looks different (a capital letter) because this is someones name and is important.tinpan satsititpittan napinnip naps snapPat / / / 7. You will note that 2 of their first helpful words arein fact Green Level words- made up of their firstsound pics- and there is a reason for this. We wantchildren to understand the concept that they WILL beable to decode (sound out) most of the helpful wordsthemselves, as they learn all the sound pics. Thesehelpful words are introduced as words we use a lotin our speech, and so we want to learn them all- evenif we havent learnt those sound pics yet.The King was in a bad mood and decided to buildsome words in an annoying way, that cant bedecoded. (there are only about 55 of these in thewhole of the English language eg two, yacht ) but therest can, once we have learnt all of the levels andexplored the / / / 8. First (Green Level) Helpful Wordsare thereforethe andato said in / / / 9. So as they learn their helpful words, just keepadding more, in this / / / 10. Children need their own reader anda sharing book you read with them.Their reader links with the sound pics they are learning / / / 11. / / / 12. / / / 13. Show children how the sound pics link to the These SPELD SA phonics readers speech sounds, and the can be downloaded and printed,order. or read on ipads etc (These can be downloaded)Play snap, bingo etc with them ! / / / 14. Sharing books are for sharing!As well as enjoying the story, asking questions etclook for sound pics eg the two different sound pics for the speech sound eeeee shown here (e-e is also shown here blue level) __ / / / 15. (and get ideas about discovering new sound pics)eg Where is the Green Sheep? By Mem Fox Also watch lessons online and sing the Jolly Phonics 1 Green Lesson 2 Green - Handwriting in Green - Sam the Spelling Dog - Green practice - / / / 16. / / / 17. / / / 18. / / / 19. Even though you are teaching the speech sound pics in a specific order, children need to be able toform all the letters of the alphabet,as they will also be free writing (emergent) at other times.For letter formation practice practice all letters in order, and still refer to the sound. Use the phrases. 20. / / / 21. Letter formation(we use RWI cards and phrases )froggy legs Ill show you whereto start 22. Order atReadingTeacherTraining.comor email Emma@ReadAustralia.comfor link. Approx $10You might also orderthe second pack, usedas we progressthrough the levels 23. a Round the apple down the leaf (apple)b Down the laces to the heel, round the toe (Boot)c Curl around the caterpillar (caterpillar)d Round his bottom up his tall neck and down to his feet (dinosaur)e Lift off the top and scoop out the egg (egg)f Down the stem, and draw the leaves (flower)g Round her face down her hair and give her a curl (girl)h Down the head to the hooves and over his back (horse)i Down his body, and dot for his head (insect)j Down his body curl and dot (jack-in-the box)k Down the kangaroos body, tail and leg (kangaroo)l Down the long leg (leg)mDown Maisie, over the mountain over the mountain (Maisie and mountains)n Down Nobby, over his net (football net)o All around the orange (orange)p Down his plait and around his head (pirate)q Round her head, up past her earrings and down her hair (queen)r Down his back, then curl over his arm (robot)s Slither down the snake (snake)t Down the tower across the tower (castle tower)u Down and under, up to the top and draw the puddle (umbrella)v Down a wing, up a wing (vulture)w Down up down up (worm)x Down the arm and leg and repeat the other side (Exercise)y Down a horn up a horn and under his head (yak)z Zig-zag-zig (zip) 24. Use the following to practice* recognising the sound pic* knowing what speech sound it represents* blending the speech sound pics into the word, and* understanding the order(which is the first speech sound, last speech sound etc)If confident doing this cover the illustration, or coverthe sound pics and ask the child to make the wordunderneath the illustration, using their sound / / / 25. / / / 26. / / / 27. / / / 28. / / / 29. / / / 30. You are starting from speech, andLISTENING for the smaller parts in words What sounds can you hear when I say this word? sat etcWhat is the first / last speech sound you can hear? When you are looking at sound pics say what is this a picture of?(remember its a picture of a speech sound, so say thesound. They do not need to know the letter name) / / / 31. Sound pics are now placed in the right order to spell the word ant ! They can just usetheir sound pics, they dont need to write them.If they want to write themathen put the sound picsa bit higher, and let themcopy / / / 32. But remember that spelling withoutprint comes first! 33. Children arent really ready to move toprint until they can listen to a wordand identify the speech sounds sat = s a t and hear the word when spoken in partsIf they can hear the speech sounds then theyare ready to progress to doing this with letters.Help children order (number them) and buildwords using their sound pics. You can usemagnetic letters or cards in Prep.Here are words the children will spell withinthe Green level using s,a,t,p,I,n 34. Play games- snap, bingo, pairs etc. App - PocketPhonics Get a large piece of paper or small whiteboard and draw lines and numbers. The child builds words on the lines, using the numbers to help with ordering their sound pics.____ _____ / / / 35. Use whiteboards and magnetic letters in the early years so that children arent held backtrying to use pencils to form letters, when the activity is to spell (encode) words Sort them into tubs for easy access s,a,t,p,i,n tubs for green level activities 36. Look out for songs, videos and more,to share with your child at home(will be on & Youtube) / / / 37. Expose children to the whole codethrough SSP songsGreen Level Songs- s,a,t,p,i,n 38. Ask for powerpoint, graphics areanimated. These will also soon beon youtube with musicw