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  • ICT Agency (ICTA) established July 2003 As a Company, fully owned by the Government of Sri

    Lanka Becomes Operational and Vested with powers under

    ICT Act No.27 of 2003 Mandate strengthened by the ICT Amendment Act 33

    of 2008 ICTA empowered by the Act to:

    Be the Apex ICT Policy making body & executive agency for ICT in the country

    Be the Lead & Implementing organization for e-Sri Lanka Initiative

    Functions under the Ministry of Telecommunication and IT & Office of H.E. the President Unique position to deal with inter-ministerial barriers

    and achieve results. e-Sri Lanka Development Project

    Multi-Donor funded World Bank, Korean EXIM & JSDF

    Integrated e-Development Model

    ICT Agency The Institution

  • Back In 2003............ Computer Literacy 4.3%

    Government ICT usgae

  • ICT Skills Framework





  • Initiatives Bridge the digital devide 850+ telecentres + eGovernment Capacity Building ICT Private Sector Capacity Building - Strategies

  • Vocational Training Authority Standards and volcational training (NVQ)

    Ministry of Education ICT education in Schools Standardisation Use ICT as a tool

    Ministry of Higher Education ICT education in higher education (universities etc.) Collaboration with private sector

    Initiatives cont.

  • Computer Literacy >50%Government ICT usgae >70%1st in UN eGov Index in Southasia (20th in Asia) ICT sector proffessionals >100,000 ICT education in Schools Standard curriculams O/L and A/L exams ICT education in Universities - 50 + ProgramsHigher education with affiliations ICT Private sector export revenue has become the 4th income generator

    Where are we now.....

  • APCICT Acadamy ModulesGovernment Trainees

    100 Government executives trained on E-Government applications and Information Security and Privacy

  • APCICT Acadamy & Primer ModulesUniversities

  • Lessons learnt

    Strong Collaboration with all sectors Continous Monitoring and evaluation Top level support Considar all stakeholders Collaborative effort (no "siloed" approaches)

  • Way Forward

    Consider and Cater to all stakeholdersCollaborative effort Use all possible channelsUse of communities

  • A Nations Plan to Empower its People through ICT


    Thank YouThank You !!Sameera Jayawardena, Project Manager Sameera Jayawardena, Project Manager

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