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  • 1. South Africa Study Tour June 20-July 10, 2012

2. GETs mission is to advance environmentaland sustainability education worldwidethrough students and educators. 3. Travel to Africa Wed, Jun 20, 2012 Leave: 7:15 pm ChicagoIllinois Thu, Jun 21, 2012 10:50 am Arrives ZurichAirport08 hrs 35 mins Miles: 4443 4. Zurich 5. Thu, Jun 21, 2012 Leave: 10:45 pmArrives: Fri, Jun 22, 2012 Arrive: 9:10 am - O R Tambo International Airport(JNB) - Johannesburg 10 hrs 25 mins Miles: 5211 Fri, Jun 22, 2012 Leave: 1:10 pm Arrive: 2:50 pm Port Elizabeth Airport (PLZ) - PortElizabeth Economy | 01 hrs 40 mins | Miles: 563 6. The Garden RouteAddo Elephant Park Stellenbosch University De Hoop Nature Preserve Two Oceans Aquarium Cape of Good Hope Table Mountain University of Cape Town 7. Addo Elephant National Park Established in 1931 to save 11 Elephants on the brinkof extinction, and now home to more than 450 ofthem Plus 400 Cape Buffalo, 48 black Rhino, a range ofAntelope species, lions and hyenas as well as the rareflightless dung Beetle 8. De Hoop Nature Preserve The reserve has 86 mammal species including the rarebontebok and Cape mountain zebra, as well as eland, greyrhebuck, baboon, yellow mongoose, caracal and theoccasional leopard. This is were we will meet the South African teachers that willtravel with us. ElandBontebok 9. CaracalGrey RhebokBaboons Yellow Mongoose 10. Africas Little FiveLeopard tortoise, Ant-Lion, Rhino-beetle,Red-billed buffalo weavers, Elephantshrews 11. Africas Big FiveLeopardElephantLion Cape Buffalo Black Rhinoceros 12. Dolphins and seals occur in the waters off thecoast and southern right whales calve andmate in the sheltered bays of De Hoop eachyear between May and December. Right Whale 13. Stellenbosch UniversityWe will meet withEnvironmentalEducators at thisuniversity to learnabout EnvironmentalEducation training inSouth Africa and toshare our experiencesteaching studentsabout theenvironment. 14. Stellenbosch University We will learn about Antastic! a program runby the University that teaches school childrenabout the ant diversity and their importantrole in the ecosystem. 15. Two Oceans AquariumOne OceanTwo OceansTwo OceansAquarium 16. Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens Biodiversity - is the variety of life including different plants, animals and and the ecosystems they live in.South Africa is one of the most biologically diverse countries in the world, it touches 2oceans and although is only about 2% of the worlds land area, but is home to nearly10% of the worlds plants. The Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens protects and protectsthese plants and teaches people about the importance of this biodiversity. 17. Cape Town 18. Neighborhoods & Townships 19. Department of Water Affairs and Forestry (DWAF) The DWAF works to promote safe healthy water. They are a governmental agency that is like our Department of Natural Resources. We will do a service project with them that may include invasive species removal. 20. Robben Island Robben Island is best known as the location ofa prison which held Nelson Mandela a politicalprisoner during South Africas apartheidperiod. Mandela was held there for 27 (1962-1990) years and eventually became thepresident of South Africa.Nelson Mandela in 2008 21. Table MountainThis is a flat-topped mountain insouthwestern South Africa, overlookingCape Town and Table Bay. Its shape results from horizontal layersof sandstone being exposed by erosion. 22. The floor of the 65 passenger cablecar rotates 360degrees on the trip which takes 5-10 minutes toreach the summit/base travelling at a speed of up to10m per second on its 704m (2310 feet) climb. 23. Cape of Good Hope 24. Cape of Good Hope