Social Media Update: How To Search (Hashtags)

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Hashtags: Using Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram effectively

Text of Social Media Update: How To Search (Hashtags)

  • July 9th, 2013 UNH New & Emerging Media #UNHCS13
  • #UNHCS13 What is a hashtag?
  • #UNHCS13 Nope.
  • Hashtag: A word or phrase prefixed with # in a message on a social networking channel. #UNHCS13 is amazing. Its my favorite day of the year. Hashtags provide a means of grouping certain messages. Searching for a specific hashtag, (like #UNH) would create a set of all messages that contain said hashtag. Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Flickr, and Facebook all support hashtags. #UNHCS13
  • Use hashtags wisely. Think about what words or phrases are worth searching. #UNHCS13
  • #UNHCS13
  • #UNHCS13
  • How many registered users does Twitter have worldwide? 500 million #UNHCS13
  • #UNHCS13 Search Twitter and sort
  • #UNHCS13
  • You can also search Twitter @usernames #UNHCS13
  • #UNHCS13
  • Using Hashtags Adding tags to your photos is a great way to find new followers, share photos, & amplify your message. Choose specific hashtags that will help connect with others on Instagram. In this example, instead of using the hashtag #UNH, we used #UNH17. The tagged photos are added to the targeted search page, where other UNH Class of 2017 students are able to view photos easily. Remember! Use relevant tags to help attract new followers. #UNHCS13
  • Pay attention to other hashtags! You may discover a popular hashtag you hadnt thought of on your own! For example, photos tagged #UNH might also be tagged #UNHSocial, #UNH17 or #instaUNH Popular Hashtags #UNHCS13
  • #UNHCS13
  • #UNHCS13 Tag people in your photos!
  • #UNHCS13 What about me?
  • #UNHCS13 Photo? Video? Hold to record..
  • INSTAGRAM VIDEO FAIL #UNHCS13 Click to play!
  • INSTAGRAM VIDEO WIN! #UNHCS13 Click to play!
  • #UNHCS13
  • Hashtags turn topics and phrases into clickable links in posts on your personal timeline or company page. This helps people find posts about topics theyre interested in. *Note that you'll only see posts that were shared with you (or made public) How do I use hashtags in Facebook? #UNHCS13
  • You can also search for a hashtag using the search bar at the top of any page. #UNHCS13
  • Other search tools #UNHCS13
  • #UNHCS13
  • #UNHCS13
  • #UNHCS13 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Whos receiving your message? How far is your message spreading? For brand engagement, look at your Twitter retweets & replies, Facebook comments, replies, shares, and likes. How often are people talking about you? Do you want more traffic to your website? Track URL shares, clicks, and conversions with Google Analytics. (See Neil Larsons Google Talk) What key words or hashtags are most used in your industry? ? #UNHCS13
  • #UNHCS13